TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near EscondidoThere is nothing better than going on a trip after a hectic week. You get to enjoy fun times with yourself, friends, or family. But there is one thing that could make the fun fade into thin air—intense TMJ pain. Not only do you have to keep track of your travel plans, you also have to ensure that your TMJ disorder doesn’t keep you in the hotel room for most of your vacation.

Going to a TMJ pain chiropractor in Escondido before your trip can help you break free from the fear of experiencing painful jaw pain. But if you are already on a trip far from Escondido, here are a few things that can help you cope with this uncomfortable situation. Be sure to read until the end to achieve a pain-free travel experience.


DO’s When Traveling By Plane 

Plan ahead

From booking your flight to budgeting for your trip and packing your clothesthere’s no doubt that traveling can be stressful. When you are under so much stress, you may make unconscious jaw movements that might trigger or worsen your TMJ pain. For example, teeth grinding and clenching are two of the most common activities leading to TMJ pain. So, make your trip free from stress and pain by planning ahead. 

Bring a pillow

Pillow is an absolute must-have for TMJ pain sufferers who are traveling by plane. A pillow does not only help relieve TMJ pain, but it can also avoid pain even before the attack. One of the best pillows to bring while traveling on a plane is a neck pillow. This type of pillow provides the kind of comfort your neck needs, especially if planes have uncomfortable seats.

However, a pillow cannot fix neck bone misalignment, a possible underlying cause of your TMJ pain. You can visit a TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near Escondido on your way back home to address neck bone misalignment.

Use earplugs

Higher altitudes can cause ear and TMJ pain. To solve this issue while traveling, using an earplug would be an excellent choice. Be sure to choose high-quality earplugs that can significantly stabilize air pressure in the ear while at high altitudes. 

Move your jaw muscles

Sitting for too long on a plane ride can strain your jaw and other parts of your body. It also causes tension and stiffness in your jaw muscles that may lead to TMJ pain. That is why you need to move your jaw and neck with simple exercises. You can also move your entire body by getting up and moving around the cabin if possible.


DO’s When Traveling by Car

Pull over

This tip is essential for those who travel by car for long periods. Yes, you can keep yourself entertained by listening to music or looking at the view outside the car, but sitting for too long can be bad for your body. Taking frequent stops is necessary to ensure that your jaw, neck, and back muscles don’t become stiff throughout your trip. For example, you can make a stop in a parking lot and do a few stretches to reduce tension and stiffness all over your body. This is very important to avoid another TMJ pain flare-up that can spoil your trip.

Move your seat

When you are driving, be sure that you are as close to the steering wheel as possible. When you’re sitting too low or too far from the steering wheel, you will be forced to raise your arms, shoulders, and neck higher to see the road clearly. This kind of driving position can strain these areas of your body, including the jaw. This problem can potentially lead to the onset of TMJ pain.


Reminders Before Traveling

Take care of yourself

Creating a happy, healthy, and good lifestyle is a way of taking care of yourself. Before traveling, be sure to get a good night’s sleep, eat plenty of healthy food, and drink an adequate amount of water. You also need a boost in energy for your trip. So, allocate time for exercise before traveling. It is most important to take care of yourself if you constantly suffer from TMJ pain.

Get upper cervical chiropractic care

Fix TMJ pain right at its root right before your anticipated trip. A TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near Escondido offers upper cervical chiropractic care, a natural solution to end neck bone misalignment.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is an area in chiropractic that focuses on the problems involving the atlas, the uppermost bone in the upper neck. This part of the upper neck protects the brain stem, from where the cranial nerves are located. These vital nerves are responsible for controlling the muscles in your face and jaw.

Therefore, even the slightest misalignment of the atlas can affect the temporomandibular joint. Upper cervical chiropractic care focuses on correcting this error and bringing it back to proper alignment.


Visit Our TMJ Pain Chiropractic Clinic Near Escondido

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