Sick Dad, Healthy Son

The Enfoldment of Your True Potential Physically & Spiritually

by Dr. Raymond R. Rickards, author of The Path to True Health and Fulfillment

About the book:
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It has been my journey to unravel my early entrenched medical thinking and to explore the myriad of alternative health approaches so as to create a master health plan.

What you will learn:

  • Four levels of consciousness leading to the one’s optimum potential.
  • The seven Laws of nature.
  • A deep understanding and actualization of the Health/Healing approach as opposed to a Symptom/Disease approach.
  • A freshness of heart and an attitude that states,”I can heal!”

Just as my father’s death was a gift to me, my resultant journey and understanding of true health is my gift to you.

About the author:
Dr. Raymond R. Rickards has been an active chiropractor for 27 years. During those 27 years he has treated over 11,000 patients, authored the successful book, The Path to True Health and Fulfillment, and is a popular speaker on the subject of health. Now he presents to you his new book “Sick Dad, Healthy Son”.

My father was a medical doctor and at the early age of 47 died practicing what he preached. Over a twenty year span he had ten major surgeries leading to a final grave surgical complication. His death became my challenge and eventual gift. Everything I had fervently believed about sickness and health had been derailed. The medical idea of relieving the symptom or disease, many times ignoring the health of ones body became evident to me at a tender age. The purpose of this book is to lead the reader’s consciousness toward a liberated health/healing approach.

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What’s in my book?

Awaken the Doctor from Within”

Forty-three years of experience, academia, and heart. This book will give you all you need to reach your highest potential.

There are three parts in this book. The first third is all about reaching a state of mind of confidence in our abilities to heal ourselves. So many of us feel that they can’t heal so they resort to harmful ways of treating their symptoms and diseases. This is a feel-good section that will leave you feeling empowered.

The second part is giving you the nuts and bolts of how to achieve your optimum health. Mental attitude, sleep, spinal alignment, nutrition, exercise, and sanitation are described in detail from an innate natural point of view. I then wrap this information with a bigger picture regarding our purpose and living in gratitude.

The third section is my story of how these powerful revelations of health came to me. This is not about me thinking about ideas and then writing a book. All that is in this book has revealed itself to me through thousands of patients and keeping my head in the game for all these years.

This book is for you.

Dr. Raymond Rickards