tech neck, neck pain relief in Escondido CATech innovations have made remote working more convenient, especially during the pandemic. However, it’s no secret that tech also made thousands of people more prone to neck pain. In fact, many people nowadays seek neck pain relief in Escondido CA because their symptoms affect their jobs, relationships, and overall well-being. But how exactly does technology impact the neck? What’s a tech neck, and how can you manage or eliminate it?


What’s a Tech Neck?

Tech or text neck is a health issue that has been around for a while. It primarily affects working professionals because of the repetitive motions done in offices, assembly lines, and other workplaces. It can stem from the most mundane activities like sitting at your desk, driving your car, and using mobile devices. Here’s a closer look at the most likely reasons behind a tech neck and how you can cope: 

1. Awkward sitting position

Thousands of working professionals switched from traditional office jobs to remote positions. Unfortunately, being in front of the computer all day has created a new health problemchronic neck pain. To cope with your cervical pain, here are some simple adjustments you can try: 

  • Invest in good quality workplace equipment to ensure ample cervical and lumbar support
  • Create a dedicated working area in your house to avoid disruptions and set up the equipment properly
  • Use the speakerphone option when working on multiple tasks so you can avoid placing your phone in between your neck and head
  • Adjust your computer monitor, so it’s the same level as your eyes 
  • Take advantage of cellphone holders, so you don’t have to tilt your neck downwards
  • Mind your sitting position and keep both feet flat on the floor 
  • Recline your chair a few times a day to release the tension on your cervical spine and lower back

2. Long daily commute 

Driving is among the leading sources of everyday stress. In fact, some experts claim that it causes noticeable blood pressure changes, especially among inexperienced drivers. The long period spent sitting and driving can also cause the neck muscles to stiffen. Unfortunately, this often leads to chronic and persistent pain that barely improves after taking NSAIDs or muscle relaxants. 

If you notice tech neck because of driving or if your profession involves sitting in your car for hours every day, we suggest following the tips:

  • Adjust the car seat to achieve a 100-degree angle 
  • Provide enough lumbar support by placing a small pillow on the bottom portion of your car seat
  • Tilt the headrest, so your neck gets enough support while you drive
  • Roll your shoulder muscles when you’re stuck in a traffic jam
  • Adjust the position of your feet, so you don’t have a hard time stepping on the gas or brakes
  • Avoid putting your wallet in your pockets while you drive your car
  • Ditch the armrest if they make you feel uncomfortable  
  • Keep yourself hydrated to protect your vertebral discs from unnecessary damage or wear and tear
  • If driving for long hours, make sure to take a break and stretch your legs, neck, and back muscles 

3. Excessive use of electronic gadgets 

Tech neck has become a popular term to describe cervical spine discomfort that stems from the extensive use of mobile gadgets. Quite notably, many people looking for neck pain relief in Escondido CA complain about having a tech neck because they spend most of their time browsing their mobile phones. Some say they use devices for their emails, while others maximize their mobile device use for social media updates, text messages, calls, and more. 

If you want to prevent this problem or reduce its impact on your day-to-day life, make sure to implement the following tips: 

  • Unplug from technology a few hours each week to limit the use of gadgets and to give your body a break. 
  • Avoid tilting your head down when checking your phone. Instead, we suggest holding it up to prevent your neck from getting strained. 
  • Position your mobile devices at the same level as your eyes, especially when binge-watching TV shows or attending virtual conferences. 


Let Dr. Rickards Help You Get Neck Pain Relief in Escondido CA 

Working from home or in a remote location is the new norm in many businesses. As a result, professionals must make necessary adjustments to prevent common WFH problems, such as cervical neck pain. Hopefully, the tips and insights we shared above can come in handy in preventing the onset of a tech neck. 

Besides these tips, we suggest seeing an upper cervical doctor for a quick atlas and axis check-up. Unknown to you, the topmost neckbones in your spine might have shifted from their original positions because of some bad WFH habits. The bones are also the likely reason why you have persistent neck pain. When left unresolved, the cervical spine misalignment can potentially lead to the onset of worse problems that can leave a lasting impact on you and your job. 

Thankfully, by getting your upper neck bones assessed and adjusted, you can minimize your risk for tech neck and ensure that you enjoy a healthy and pain-free life. 

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