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Want to learn more about the Blair Chiropractic or the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique, the unique form of care that Dr. Rickards, a well-known Escondido Chiropractor, uses at Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness? Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2-minute overview video.

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What’s in my book?

Awaken the Doctor from Within”

Forty-three years of experience, academia, and heart. This book will give you all you need to reach your highest potential.

There are three parts in this book. The first third is all about reaching a state of mind of confidence in our abilities to heal ourselves. So many of us feel that they can’t heal so they resort to harmful ways of treating their symptoms and diseases. This is a feel-good section that will leave you feeling empowered.

The second part is giving you the nuts and bolts of how to achieve your optimum health. Mental attitude, sleep, spinal alignment, nutrition, exercise, and sanitation are described in detail from an innate natural point of view. I then wrap this information with a bigger picture regarding our purpose and living in gratitude.

The third section is my story of how these powerful revelations of health came to me. This is not about me thinking about ideas and then writing a book. All that is in this book has revealed itself to me through thousands of patients and keeping my head in the game for all these years.

This book is for you.

Dr. Raymond Rickards

What Our Patients Say

I had a jaw problem that made me unable to eat many foods because of the pain and I also had lower back problems. I had pain in my face and earaches for over two years, and the doctors just wanted to keep me on pain medication, soon following a jaw replacement. After twenty-four visits, I am now able to open my mouth and take in most foods. I’m thrilled with the results and would definitely use this office’s services again.

Sharyn L.

I have had pain and numbness behind my neck along with numbness in my fingers and a bad back for years, going to chiropractors off and on with no success. Within two months of seeing Dr. Rickards, I have had reduction of pain and numbness each week and now I have no numbness or pain in my neck or back. I would recommend that you stick to appointments, do advised exercises, and you will see a drastic difference.

Arlene G.

I had upper extremity itching, burning, pain, and lower extremity numbness and pain. I went to five different MD’s with four different diagnoses and no relief from the above after having the symptoms for three years! After twelve weeks of chiropractic care, I no longer itch at all! My numbness and pain are gone and I have improved my nutrition. I feel like a new person.

Sarah M.

My neck and shoulder pain have always been a problem. Low back and sciatica developed about two years ago and became increasingly difficult to deal with. Due to chiropractic treatment and an exercise program, my neck and shoulders are pain free, my low back is 90% better, and my sciatica is gone.

Susan R.

I had a very stiff neck, painful knees, hands and feet that swelled, and Rheumatoid arthritis for 18 years. After undergoing chiropractic treatment, I had unbelievable relief in all areas listed above. I sleep better and my energy has increased 100%. Life looks and feels so much better. Thank you, Dr. Rickards.

Anita S.

I was on Coumadin for 18-20 years. I had swelling and puffiness in my feet and they were also oozing fluid. I was wearing support socks. Now after chiropractic treatment, fasting, and proper nutrition, I no longer use Coumadin or my support socks. I have lost 30 pounds and my feet are almost back to normal.

James D.

I had severe pain that started at my neck and worked its way down to my upper back and left leg that increasingly got worse. My treatment with Dr. Rickards was a miracle! I have encountered a complete change with no pain and more energy and a new out-look on life. Thank you, Dr. Rickards.

Marilyn T.

I had periodic numbness in my fingers and toes and my head was tilted to the right because of a birth injury. After four weeks of chiropractic treatment, my posture and spine and straightened and I no longer have numbness/tingling in my fingers or toes.

Cori M. ( 10 Yrs. Old )

My complaints were allergies since childhood and a stiff neck and back. Since starting my treatments, I was able to go through spring without any allergy medication and my back and neck feel great! Also, my golf game has improved!

Tom S.