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7 Exercises That Work Wonders For Anyone with Back Pain

Do you ever find yourself wincing with each slight movement because of back pain? Have you ever felt like your spine is playing a game of Tug-of-War with your everyday activities, making even the simplest tasks feel like a difficult challenge? Patients of a back pain chiropractor in Escondido are no strangers to these woes. The struggle with back pain is real and can take many forms, such as sharp, throbbing, constant, or intermittent.  Whether dealing with a lingering discomfort or an agonizing ordeal, back pain can quickly turn your life into a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. From daily [...]


Can a Whiplash Injury Trigger Fibromyalgia?

Have you ever been in a car accident before and now notice frequent pain jolts affecting several parts of your body? Ever since you suffered from whiplash, have you suffered from unexplainable symptoms like chronic fatigue, headaches, sleeping difficulties, and cognitive impairment? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, it’s quite possible that you’re among the thousands of locals looking for a reliable source of fibromyalgia relief in Escondido, CA. After all, it’s not easy to get diagnosed with this highly unpredictable health mishap.  Fibromyalgia symptoms can quickly ruin your routine and take over your life. It can [...]


When Migraines Become a Daily Source of Discomfort

Are migraines taking over your life? Do you feel like you're in an unending storm of pain and frustration? Do your daily migraine episodes feel like a relentless struggle, leaving you desperate for answers and longing for relief? What happens if you have migraines in Escondido everyday? Are you forever trapped in this exhausting cycle? In this article, we'll explore different ways to help you cope with daily or regular migraine attacks (including scheduling a visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic office in Escondido). Hopefully, after you go through the entire discussion, you can have a better understanding of your [...]


Relieve Neck Pain From Accidents with Blair Chiropractic

Have you recently been in an accident that, for some reason, caused you neck pain that just won’t go away? Do you remember the days before your accident when neck pain was never an issue? When you could turn your head without stiffness or pain and move freely without limitations? Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they can cause severe neck pain that can affect your daily life – especially if not addressed properly. However, there is hope for you through Blair Chiropractic!  But what is the Blair technique? In this article, we’ll explore how this specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic protocol can [...]


Do All Vertigo Episodes Come Hand In Hand With Nystagmus?

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from vertigo? Do you experience dizzying, spinning sensations, loss of balance, nausea and fatigue? Do your symptoms reduce your quality of life, making it difficult to carry out everyday activities? For example, do you often have to cancel social events due to unpredictable attacks?  Indeed, besides causing discomfort and distraught, vertigo can impact your overall wellbeing tasks. The associated symptoms of vertigo can leave you feeling exhausted and can take away your independence. You might find yourself avoiding activities you used to enjoy, such as going out with friends, because [...]


Practical Solutions for Persistent Back Pain and Headaches

Have you ever felt like your body is working against you? Like no matter how hard you try, you can't shake off the persistent pain in your back and the pounding headache that just won't go away? We get you.  Thousands of people are stuck in a similar situation and they are constantly seeking help from professionals like an Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Escondido to work around their health concerns and limit the impacts of their symptoms on their daily life.  In this article, we'll explore the connection between back pain and headaches. This way, you can understand why they [...]


Foods That Exacerbate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When you have chronic fatigue, it's important to make sure that you're eating a balanced diet. If your diet is imbalanced or lacks certain nutrients, then this can cause a flare-up of symptoms and make your condition worse. Here are some tips from Dr. Rickards of Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness – an upper cervical doctor in Escondido – on foods that should be avoided if you have chronic fatigue.   Eat This, Not That! When your life is challenged by chronic fatigue, life can be such a drag sometimes. The good news is that some foods can help you [...]


Migraine Episodes: A Problem Affecting 1 Billion People Worldwide

There’s nothing worse than having an intense throbbing sensation in your head, coupled with tunnel vision, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo! Things can also get worse if your migraine episodes start affecting your schedule, work task, and relationships. You might also feel withdrawn when your episodes keep coming back with a vengeance each week.  Now, while it might seem like your situation is bleak, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in this situation. Up to one billion migraineurs share your pain. Hundreds to thousands of individuals seek Escondido migraine relief.   The Horrible Experience That is [...]


Could Cigarette Smoking Be Causing Your Neck Pain?

Do you suffer from neck pain? If so, you're not alone. Neck pain is one of the most common complaints that people have. And while it has many potential causes, smoking is among the most widely investigated risk factors. That's because some patients needing neck pain relief in Escondido report being either smokers or were once smokers.    The Connection Between Smoking and Neck Pain So, what exactly is the connection between smoking and neck pain? Below are some possible reasons why smoking puts you at risk for neck pain.  Smoking can damage blood vessels Your blood vessels play a [...]


Jaw Pain: An Additional Problem Among Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can change a woman's body in several unimaginable ways. That's why it's not surprising that many pregnant ladies seek ways to relieve TMJ in Escondido. Are you among them? Do you know a fellow expecting mom who has TMJ pain? This guide might be of help to you! Find out why TMJ disorders affect pregnant mommies and what steps you can undertake to manage and ease the pain and discomfort.   TMJ Disorders and Pregnancy: What's the Connection? It's unclear why expecting moms experience TMJ problems. However, studies enumerate several possible triggers, including the following:  Edema on the face  [...]


Are Disequilibrium and Vertigo Synonymous?

Many people ask if disequilibrium and vertigo refer to the same health concern. So, we thought of tackling this topic to lessen the general confusion. The simple answer to this is NO. Nevertheless, a lot of people continue to use them interchangeably. In this article, we'll try our best to draw the line between these two, spread better awareness on managing dizziness, and share the most recommended Escondido vertigo relief form that works for many people.   Vertigo vs. Disequilibrium As briefly mentioned above, disequilibrium and vertigo are not the same. Disequilibrium is the sensation of sudden movement in your [...]


When to Worry About Back Pain: 5 Symptoms To Look Out For

Back pain is common in adults; in fact, there are nearly 16 million American adults who experience persistent or chronic back pain. As a result, there's also a rise in visitors seeking help from a back pain chiropractor in Escondido. Some back pain concerns resolve on their own after a few days. However, some cases will require more attention. Suppose your back pain is still very much apparent for some time now despite getting some rest, doing home remedies, or taking medication; it might be a cause for concern for you. You must stay calm and collected and not immediately [...]


5 Most Common Fibromyalgia Triggers Explained

Fibromyalgia is a seriously severe condition that can cause debilitating pain. Studies estimate that millions of people in the United States live with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia symptoms include widespread pain, fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, and sleep disturbance. These can come and go depending on certain factors like the how often you trigger a fibromyalgia flareup.  Our Escondido chiropractor for fibromyalgia has encountered several patients who report varying triggers. Some of them are manageable, while others are tricky to avoid. Let's help you get acquainted with these things so you can make necessary adjustments to your activities and lifestyle choices.   Quick [...]

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