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Things to Do If You’re Traveling with TMJ Pain

There is nothing better than going on a trip after a hectic week. You get to enjoy fun times with yourself, friends, or family. But there is one thing that could make the fun fade into thin air—intense TMJ pain. Not only do you have to keep track of your travel plans, you also have to ensure that your TMJ disorder doesn’t keep you in the hotel room for most of your vacation. Going to a TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near Escondido before your trip can help you break free from the fear of experiencing painful jaw pain. But if [...]


If Stress Is Causing Your Vertigo, Do These Tips

Vertigo is any kind of sensation that causes a spinning feeling even when you aren’t moving at all. These spinning spells are neural messages crafted by your body and brain. Unfortunately, stress can trigger this balance issue. And since vertigo and stress are closely linked, managing stress can help anyone get relief. This blog will discuss helpful strategies to combat stress-induced vertigo. We will also explain what our team does here at Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness and how we became a trusted Escondido vertigo clinic.  #1. Learn Relaxation Techniques It would be best if you spent time for relaxation. [...]


Busting 5 Circulating Myths About Back Pain

Back pain can shatter your expectations of a relaxing day. It could affect your posture and sleep routine and limit your movements.  Making back pain worse are misconceptions. For example, you might have heard that excess weight causes back pain. Is this a myth, or is it the truth? One study confirmed the relationship between weight and back pain. The findings highlight the role of excess weight in back pain among young women. But, this is not the only underlying cause of their backaches. Age, bad posture, and history of accidents and injuries also played a role in their back pains. Back [...]


7 Must-Know Facts About Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia is not easy as it often causes massive disruption in the day-to-day activities of patients. Sometimes, fibromyalgia symptoms like widespread pain, sleeplessness, and tiredness can also trigger mental problems. By knowing a thing or two about fibromyalgia, such as how to relieve it with Blair chiropractic, you can find better ways to cope. Take control of your symptoms by learning seven facts about fibromyalgia syndrome. #1. Doctors used to consider 18 tender points for fibromyalgia diagnosis In the earlier years, doctors primarily relied on the 18 tender points that the American College of Rheumatology identified as a criterion in [...]


Migraines in Children: A Parent’s Handbook

You might think that migraines are the same for everyone who has them all over the globe. However, certain factors make migraines a different experience for every person. One of these factors is age. Generally, migraines grow more pronounced and are expected as you age. But, it does not mean that children are off-limits when it comes to migraine attacks. Unfortunately, children as young as toddlers are also vulnerable to migraines. In this article, we’ll talk about what makes migraines in children different from what adults experience. We’ll also discuss why more and more parents have switched to seeking a [...]


Cracking Your Neck May Make Your Neck Pain Worse

You might be itching to crack your neck when you feel the slightest discomfort or pain in the area. Maybe cracking your neck is out of habit. You may think that it's perfectly safe and an effective way to relieve tension since you've been doing it for quite some time. However, the surprising truth is that it can make your neck pain worse. Have you seen those ASMR chiropractor videos where you hear cracking, popping sounds? You probably thought, "Oh, that sounds relaxing." Well, chiropractic adjustments do not involve pain. Without the help of a chiropractor, making these adjustments by [...]


Icing Your Jaw And Other Means To Alleviate TMJ Pain

In the U.S. alone, a staggering 10 million people are affected by jaw issues. Jaw disorders are an umbrella term for several painful symptoms involving the jaw, including a locked jaw, pain or tenderness in the jaw, and pain around the ears, neck, and face. People looking for a TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near Escondido are very much aware of the daily challenges that come along with this condition. Although pretty unpopular, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a vital part of the body. Aside from connecting the jaw to the skull, the TMJ allows your mouth’s movements such as when [...]


Vertigo-Causing Diseases and their Remedies

Despite appearing as a separate condition or disorder, vertigo remains a symptom of an underlying problem. It can recur several times over a brief or extended period, depending on what condition you have. By knowing what’s stimulating your vertigo attacks, you can determine whether remedies like going to a chiropractic doctor in Escondido will help you see improvements. Learn more about vertigo and its associated diseases and disorders, plus the relief options you can try in our discussion below.    Vertigo episode as a symptom The body has a remarkable way of perceiving motion or balance. It involves a few [...]


Top 12 Surprising Facts About Back Pain

Millions of people in America, regardless of age, sex and occupation, are no stranger to back pain. It’s a widespread problem that often occurs with an underlying disease or condition. It’s so common that doctors list it as among the top reasons for hospital visits. Every chiropractor in Escondido, including us, can attest to back pain prevalence because we’ve catered to numerous patients complaining about it.  Not yet convinced about the severity of this health concern? Here are 12 surprising facts that would totally change how you see back pain: 1. Back pain leaves significant impacts  Besides the stabbing or [...]


8 Usual Signs of Fibromyalgia and 1 Helpful Remedy

Fibromyalgia is a crippling health problem that affects around 12 million people in the USA. It causes all kinds of issues ranging from debilitating pain all over the body to impaired cognition. Knowing if you have such a health condition as early as possible can make a lot of difference in formulating the best course of action to take.  So how do you know if you have fibromyalgia? What are the common signs you should look out for? When should you seek medical assistance? Let’s answer all these questions as we tackle the top 8 common fibromyalgia symptoms and how [...]


Migraine Stages: Prodrome, Aura, Headache & Postdrome

To someone who never experienced a migraine episode before, the throbbing sensation might only seem like a severe type of headache. But, if you’re well familiar with migraine episodes, you know that the pain you feel is nothing close to a regular headache. Typically, migraineurs experience various symptoms aside from throbbing or pulsating pain. Often, patients who seek upper cervical chiropractic care for their migraines complain about symptoms like vomiting, nausea, visual aura, and increased pain sensitivity.  Each patient tends to experience migraine attacks differently. Hence, it’s hard to come up with a specific and detailed description of the condition. [...]


How to Banish Neck Pain with Blair Technique

So many people have benefited from the services of a chiropractor for neck pain in Escondido. Given the city’s many places to engage in outdoor sports and activities, it is not unusual to hear about pain from people of all ages. At Daley Ranch, outdoor lovers congregate to hike, run, ride a bicycle, or enjoy a gallop at the equestrian trails. Over at Del Dios Highlands Reserve, the adrenaline junkies pump their high-end, hydraulic-supported mountain bikes.  With a place so rich in outdoor activity options, a few bumps along the way are expected. Fortunately, for both the easy-going and the [...]


TMJ Disorder: A Simple Overview

There was a time when people dismissed pain in their jaw as nothing more than chewing too hard, or for some, getting hit in the face one time too many.  There must be more to the jaw pain for those who are not into boxing as a sport or those who actually bite and chew conservatively. People who have felt jaw pain have tried several medicines and methods, to no avail. Many speculate about their jaw pain without adequate information and fail to use the right relief method for their discomfort. The good thing is, Escondido chiropractic care has helped [...]

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