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Jaw Pain: An Additional Problem Among Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can change a woman's body in several unimaginable ways. That's why it's not surprising that many pregnant ladies seek ways to relieve TMJ in Escondido. Are you among them? Do you know a fellow expecting mom who has TMJ pain? This guide might be of help to you! Find out why TMJ disorders affect pregnant mommies and what steps you can undertake to manage and ease the pain and discomfort.   TMJ Disorders and Pregnancy: What's the Connection? It's unclear why expecting moms experience TMJ problems. However, studies enumerate several possible triggers, including the following:  Edema on the face  [...]


Are Disequilibrium and Vertigo Synonymous?

Many people ask if disequilibrium and vertigo refer to the same health concern. So, we thought of tackling this topic to lessen the general confusion. The simple answer to this is NO. Nevertheless, a lot of people continue to use them interchangeably. In this article, we'll try our best to draw the line between these two, spread better awareness on managing dizziness, and share the most recommended Escondido vertigo relief form that works for many people.   Vertigo vs. Disequilibrium As briefly mentioned above, disequilibrium and vertigo are not the same. Disequilibrium is the sensation of sudden movement in your [...]


When to Worry About Back Pain: 5 Symptoms To Look Out For

Back pain is common in adults; in fact, there are nearly 16 million American adults who experience persistent or chronic back pain. As a result, there's also a rise in visitors seeking help from a back pain chiropractor in Escondido. Some back pain concerns resolve on their own after a few days. However, some cases will require more attention. Suppose your back pain is still very much apparent for some time now despite getting some rest, doing home remedies, or taking medication; it might be a cause for concern for you. You must stay calm and collected and not immediately [...]


5 Most Common Fibromyalgia Triggers Explained

Fibromyalgia is a seriously severe condition that can cause debilitating pain. Studies estimate that millions of people in the United States live with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia symptoms include widespread pain, fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, and sleep disturbance. These can come and go depending on certain factors like the how often you trigger a fibromyalgia flareup.  Our Escondido chiropractor for fibromyalgia has encountered several patients who report varying triggers. Some of them are manageable, while others are tricky to avoid. Let's help you get acquainted with these things so you can make necessary adjustments to your activities and lifestyle choices.   Quick [...]


Subtle Signs of an Incoming Migraine Attack

Looking for the best source of migraine relief in Escondido? Before you start deep diving into your options, we strongly recommend getting acquainted with migraines, especially the subtle signs they cause. Doing so will help you plan and determine which sources of migraine relief you should consider adding to your routine.   All About Migraine - Facts, Causes, and More You might have heard the word "migraine" before, but you may not know much about it. This condition affects millions of people yearly, so you must take it seriously. If you suffer from migraines, you should know what causes or [...]


Got Stiff Neck? Here are 8 Proven Remedies You Should Try

Having a stiff neck can be quite a nightmare, especially if you have plenty of things on your plate. Thankfully, you have several ways you can seek lasting neck pain relief in Escondido. Are you familiar with these options? If not, worry no more! We have rounded up the best neck pain remedies that you can try at home or with a healthcare professional like Dr. Rickards. But, before we deep dive into these solutions, let's tackle some of the usual reasons behind a stiff neck.   Stiff Neck: Tracing the Possible Triggers A stiff and painful neck can stem [...]


Can Jaw Relaxation Exercise Ease TMJ Discomfort?

Your TMJ or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most overused joint in the body. It's the one that connects your lower jaw to your skull via the temporal bone on each side of the head. Any damage or irritation to this joint can lead to a TMJ disorder with symptoms that might be difficult to ignore. Notably, TMJ disorder's accompanying symptoms cause intense pain and discomfort, and they can interfere with daily activities.  Thankfully, finding TMJ relief in Escondido is not difficult if you know simple remedies and self-care tips such as practicing jaw relaxation exercises. Learn more about the [...]


Vertigo Explained: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients

Having vertigo is not a very pleasant feeling, especially if you don't know why you experience it in the first place. Dr. Ray Rickards of Rickards Precision Chiropractic and Wellness recognizes this issue, so we thought of creating a comprehensive guide on coping with vertigo attacks. Hopefully, this can help you achieve vertigo relief in Escondido and maintain good health.   Vertigo is A Symptom Contrary to popular belief, vertigo is not a condition on its own. Despite the debilitating discomfort it inflicts on its sufferers, vertigo is merely a symptom. Studies explain vertigo primarily stems from inner ear problems [...]


Back Pain Care for Children: An Adult’s Guide

Adults dealing with back pain is pretty much a common occurrence, and it's likely due to several reasons that can be addressed with Escondido chiropractic therapy. But what if it's the children who start complaining about back pain? Are you prepared, and do you know what to do next? Worried parents or guardians might start thinking about the worst-case scenario, but some will undermine the issue and ignore the situation until it's probably too late. It helps to know a few things about back pain in children, its causes, and what you can do about it. There is always a [...]


CNS Abnormalities: The Root Cause of Fibromyalgia?

The central nervous system controls a laundry list of physiological functions, including sensory signal processing and signal transmission to your motor nerves. So naturally, if something wrong happens to it, several processes in the body would fail, and you become susceptible to disorders and diseases. The question is, can it lead to the onset of neurological pain problems like fibromyalgia (FM)? If so, does it mean it’s worth it to schedule a visit to a Escondido chiropractor for fibromyalgia?   What’s Fibromyalgia? Should You Be Worried? To date, fibromyalgia is among the commonly reported causes of neurological pain the US [...]


Is Coffee Good or Bad for People with Migraines?

Coffee is a popular caffeinated beverage that half of the American population drink each day. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most well-known triggers of migraine attacks among patients who come to see Dr. Rickards - a well-known Escondido chiropractor. As a result, most of these patients wonder if they should abandon their go-to caffeinated drink or regulate consumption instead.   To Drink or Not to Drink Coffee?  Drinking coffee can be a double-edged sword for migraineurs. Studies have long proven that it can come in handy in easing migraine pain because it can stimulate a sense of euphoria and [...]


Tech Neck and How it Puts Your Health in Danger

Tech innovations have made remote working more convenient, especially during the pandemic. However, it’s no secret that tech also made thousands of people more prone to neck pain. In fact, many people nowadays seek neck pain relief in Escondido CA because their symptoms affect their jobs, relationships, and overall well-being. But how exactly does technology impact the neck? What’s a tech neck, and how can you manage or eliminate it?   What’s a Tech Neck? Tech or text neck is a health issue that has been around for a while. It primarily affects working professionals because of the repetitive motions [...]


Things to Do If You’re Traveling with TMJ Pain

There is nothing better than going on a trip after a hectic week. You get to enjoy fun times with yourself, friends, or family. But there is one thing that could make the fun fade into thin air—intense TMJ pain. Not only do you have to keep track of your travel plans, you also have to ensure that your TMJ disorder doesn’t keep you in the hotel room for most of your vacation. Going to a TMJ pain chiropractor in Escondido before your trip can help you break free from the fear of experiencing painful jaw pain. But if you [...]

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