Most every mother wants to protect, nurture, and heal their children. Did you know that you have a built-in mother? Yes, it is your own symptoms.

         Remember mom telling you to look both ways for cars before crossing the street, to eat your vegetables, or assuring that you knew you were loved, and sometimes giving you tough love. In fact, a mother’s love can even heal a young child.

         Your symptoms are your internal messages to warn you to watch movements that may hurt you, what foods may cause internal problems, what emotional stresses in your life can cause you bodily pain or even sickness. The internal dialogue of your body is your symptoms. These symptoms are a major part of the healing process.

         A paralyzed patient takes a much longer time to heal from any injury to the paralyzed limb. The reason is that they have no symptoms or, in other words, messages to the brain to inform it that healing needs to be done. Symptoms are those messages and the brain is what integrates and coordinates the healing process.

         We are designed to have symptoms when we are not well and who are we to question this design? Would you question why you blink, why your heart speeds up when you exercise, why you cry when you are sad? These are all actions that our bodies were designed to do. Symptoms are no different. If you cover your symptoms with a medication or an injection, you are taking away your internal mother. I know it sounds weird, but your symptoms are very important for not only warning you of what you should or should not do, but also integral to the actual healing process.

         In my Escondido chiropractic care clinic, I discourage symptom covering relief care or medications. Instead, I always want to encourage healing and symptoms are part of the healing process. Just like you need to listen to your mother (even if it feels like nagging) when you are growing up, you need to listen to your symptoms (even though sometimes it’s not fun). I look to the cause of the symptoms. And the cause is that a part of you is not healing. Open the life channels (nerves) in your spine with an adjustment and sometimes you may feel more symptoms at first. This is because the messages from the afflicted area can now give full information about the body to the brain. Those messages can translate as symptoms. Now the brain can heal you more completely with the new information and “Valois!” the symptoms go away. Your internal mother has guided the healing process from its warnings to the direct healing that occurs from the brain.

         Thank God for moms, even your internal mother!



Dr. Ray