Lots of reasons. The brain controls all functions of the body including healing.  So if you have a part of your body that is not healing then there is a disconnect from your brain to that body part.  The most common brain to body part interference is a Vertebral Subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a spinal misalignment causing pressure on the spinal cord or its nerves thereby blocking full nerve flow into the body from the brain.  The result is disease or pain.

I get it doc but I don’t hold my adjustment.

If you are in a dark room trying to move or work in it, it would be difficult or even impossible.  In fact, let’s say you have a major project you have to complete. You would be in trouble. Now if you were to turn on the lights you could get some work done even if after a week the lights were turned off again.

This is what happens when you are in adjustment for a week.  Your brain can now recognize the problem areas in your body and gets to work healing it.  Even if you go out of adjustment after a week some healing has occurred. So obviously it would behoove us to stay in adjustment as long as possible.

This can be challenging because everyone is different.  

Some people have been out of alignment for 40 years, possibly from a birth injury.  Others have a lifestyle that causes a return of the subluxation. And then there are some people who after one adjustment hold there adjustment remarkably well.  An example is Chelsea our staff member.

Where you stand is irrelevant.  Whether you hold your adjustment one week or a year you are still better off having that critical brain to body connection even if only temporarily.  The importance of chiropractic is immeasurable because once the brain and its healing power is reconnected to your body through an adjustment I believe there is no limit to what the body can heal.

This is why I have sought out the most sophisticated technique of spinal correction in chiropractic, the Blair upper cervical system.  It’s the best we have as of 2019.

As a Blair upper cervical chiropractor, my advice is to stay with the adjustments at a rate that keeps you connected as much as is practical for you.  If you need an adjustment/checkup once a week or if you need it once every two months so be it. After all it is your life force and your quality of life that we are talking about.



Dr Ray