In America people are concerned with obesity.  Obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes and a greater susceptibility to cancer.  Everyone can agree with these facts.  Here is the solution.

Live your life from a place of hunger, not taste.  If you are looking forward to your next snack or meal out of the desire for the taste of that food, then you are doomed to ill health.  Taste is the rabbit hole to most degenerative diseases.

If I go by taste, I will be eating all the time and all the wrong foods.  It momentarily feels good to eat sugary foods, caffeine foods/drinks, fried foods and most anything that does not occur in nature in its elementary form.

Where do you stop when you eat based on taste?  It can be endless.

On the other hand, I propose eating because of hunger.  How many times have you eaten a snack for the good taste as opposed to eating a snack out of hunger?  Probably not often.

Our bodies are built with an inborn feedback to know when we need food.  Its called hunger.  People ask me, “how do I lose weight?”I say eat when you are hungry, not because something is tasty in front of you.

This interesting thought also applies to all our life.

I believe we all have a divine purpose unique to each one of us. When do we act out for taste, beyond the hunger for expression of our individual utility?

Why not design our lives around the hunger of our purpose as opposed to the tastes that sabotage our divine design?

Whether your calling is to be a mathematician or a home maker, how important is it to have an opulent car, an over the top home, clothing that distracts.  All these things are the desires of taste for the palate of our senses.

I feel fulfillment comes from the service of our individual purpose.

If the mathematician uses his or her resources to buy computers, calculators, classes etc to improve his or her chosen aim then so be it.  For the homemaker, his or her resources may go into the furnishings and appliances that maximize the home for a wonderful family experience and so be it.

The satisfaction of a lifetime of purpose will surely overshadow the momentary pleasures of living based on taste.

Something to think about starting this next year.


Dr. Ray


PS. I am not perfect, but I feel this approach is the most noble approach to life.