In this day we are subjected to many so called preventative medical tests.  To name a few – mammograms, colonoscopy, blood pressure checks, electrocardiograms etc.  These are not prevention tests.  These tests show if you already have a problem and sometimes very serious.

Chiropractic is true prevention.  Any disease takes time to entrench itself.  Whether it be cancer, heart disease or arthritis it takes years to show up on these medical “preventative tests”.  Chiropractic however identifies if there is a vertebra out of alignment irritating or interfering with proper nerve supply to the organs or tissues in the body.  Over time when there is a reduction of nerve supply to any organ or system of the body, that region becoming susceptible to any disease process.

If you have a garden and the sprinklers are not hitting an area, that part of your garden may not turn brown right away but over time it will turn brown and die.  Likewise, in the body the nerves that come out from the spine are like your sprinkler system of life.If a nerve is even slightly blocked by a bone out of alignment (usually in the upper neck)then just like the garden that organ or bodily system will slowly start dying and leaving itself susceptible to disease.

The principles of chiropractic are so simple, yet so elegant.

If you really want to be healthy and prevent disease, chiropractic is a huge part of the answer.  Regular chiropractic maintenance care is the best kept secret in the health care industry.


In good health

Dr. Ray