Beliefs and values are always changing.  Forty-five years ago, bell bottom jeans were in style, then they went out of style and now are back in style.  Even major beliefs such as where our earth is relative to the universe has changed.  The world was considered flat just 600 hundred years ago, then we were the center of our solar system and now we accept our earth as revolving around the sun.  What will we think another 500 years from now?

Health is no different.  One hundred years ago medical science was using leaches to suck the poisons out of our blood, bloodletting to reduce a fever and all the other lotions and potions to pursue health. What do you think we will think of medicalscience 100 years from now?  Hmm….

In history, health has bounced between a vitalistic approach and a mechanistic approach.  Vitalism revolves around relying on the spirit/soul within to heal us likewise bad spirits were the cause of illness.  This was the thinking during the Renaissance period.

Before then the Greeks saw us asa machine and adapted a mechanistic approach. We are presently steeped in a mechanistic approach.  The doctor is the mechanic who must fix the body/machine ignoring the spirit within all of us that constantly is on the job healing us.No wonder Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine.

Your health beliefs and values are a result of how you were brought up.  My kids believe in Vitalism with a smattering of mechanism, but my children were raised differentlythan most kids. Most the American population wereraisedtrusting the doctor outside of us instead of the doctor inside of us.

Its’s all perception, beliefs and contrived values.

Be independent of your flooded mind and make decisions on true causes and the natural approach.  Sprinkle in the mechanistic approach medically for emergency situations but use your brain beyond your upbringing to make sound decisions about you true health.

If you do, I am sure the principles of chiropractic will only make sense in your path to true healing.



Dr. Ray