Despite appearing as a separate condition or disorder, vertigo remains a symptom of an underlying problem. It can recur several times over a brief or extended period, depending on what condition you have. By knowing what’s stimulating your vertigo attacks, you can determine whether remedies like going to a chiropractic doctor in Escondido will help you see improvements. Learn more about vertigo and its associated diseases and disorders, plus the relief options you can try in our discussion below. 


Vertigo episode as a symptom

The body has a remarkable way of perceiving motion or balance. It involves a few parts of the body, including the brain, inner ear’s vestibular system, eyes, muscles, and the sensory receptors of your feet. If these body parts fail to do their part, you experience spinning sensations or vertigo attacks. 

Here’s a closer look at the crucial components of your sense of balance and motion: 

  • The inner ear – Besides allowing you to hear, the ears also take charge of balance perception. Tucked inside your inner ears is your vestibular system, which gathers and sends information about your head’s current orientation to the brain. 
  • Your eyes – Your eyesight places a critical role in helping our brain understand your current position. Sadly, when you have vertigo attacks, your vestibular system’s signals confuse your brain, causing visual symptoms like nystagmus or uncontrolled eye jerking. 
  • Touch and pressure sensors on your skin – Besides visual cues, the brain also considers signals from the sensors on your skin, muscles, and joints. It helps you sense movement, acceleration, and force. Unfortunately, if you frequently suffer from vertigo episodes, you likely have dysfunctional pressure and touch sensors.  

During an attack, you might experience additional health problems besides the spinning sensation. Some examples of these include the following: 

  • Temporary hearing loss 
  • Ringing inside the ears 
  • Stuffy feeling inside the ears 
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive problems like difficulty in concentrating or remembering things
  • Uncontrolled and rapid eye movements
  • Loss of balance
  • Poor muscle coordination that can cause accidents like falling or slipping


Getting the help you need by tracing the possible cause

Because vertigo isn’t a condition, so you won’t find a specific diagnostic test for it. Instead, your chosen healthcare provider, like a physician or a chiropractic doctor for vertigo relief in Escondido, will need to rule out its possible cause. From there, you can get a list of recommended relief options that can either provide you with a short-term or long-term resolution of your spinning sensations. 

Below is a list of all the common underlying causes of a vertigo attack:

  • BPPV – Up to 8 percent of the total cases of dizziness and vertigo attacks stem from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It’s a condition that results in dislodged calcium crystals that help your vestibular organ gather information on balance and movement.
  • Inner ear infection – Viral or bacterial infections can also trigger vertigo attacks. If this is the root cause of your episodes, you will need to wait until the infection clears until you experience a lesser or complete resolution of your symptoms. 
  •  Meniere’s Disease  – Roughly 100,000 people develop Meniere’s disease each year. Essentially, it’s an inner ear condition that usually stems from an abnormal fluid build-up. It causes a plethora of disabling symptoms, including vertigo attacks, hearing loss, and tinnitus.  

Vertigo attacks can also get triggered by central nervous system conditions such as:

  • Previous neck or head injury
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Stroke
  • Vestibular migraines
  • Brain or spinal tumors
  • Multiple sclerosis

When consulting with your neurologist or chiropractic doctor in Escondido about the root cause of your vertigo symptom, be sure to provide as many details as you can. Take note of your episodes’ characteristics, including the accompanying symptoms you experience and the attack’s length and severity. This way, it results in an accurate diagnosis.  


Proven remedies for vertigo attacks 

Based on your doctor’s findings, you might get recommendations for vertigo relief such as the following:

  • Making specific lifestyle changes – These lifestyle adjustments include spending more time exercising, avoiding vices like smoking and drinking alcohol, and shifting to a low-sodium diet. If your vertigo attack stems from BPPV, we also recommend avoiding sudden movements, especially when you just got out of bed. 
  • Trying the Epley Maneuver – This specific technique comes in extra handy for patients with BPPV. Essentially, it aims to remove the calcium crystals stuck in the fluid-filled canal. It consists of a series of gentle movements that you can do at home or supported by a therapist. 
  • Taking medication for vertigo – Sometimes, medication can help manage acute vertigo attacks. Some of the typical drugs that doctors prescribe for vertigo include antihistamines and prochlorperazine.
  • Manage your stressors – Some patients note worsening symptoms due to physical or mental stress. If this sounds like you, we recommend practicing simple relaxation tactics like yoga breathing and seeking mental health assistance. These may help you curb the severity of your attacks. 


A chiropractic doctor in Escondido can also help with vertigo episodes

Aside from the simple remedies we listed above, you can also try seeing a chiropractic doctor in Escondido. If you previously got into an accident that resulted in a neck or head trauma, you might have a spinal misalignment. Unfortunately, this problem can result in the following concerns:

  • Miscommunication between your brain, brainstem, and vestibular system
  • Fluid build-up inside the ears due to the impeded flow of cerebrospinal fluid and blood
  • Impaired function of the brainstem due to the pressure from the misaligned bones

Unknowingly, your previous injury may be the reason why you have aggravated symptoms. It might also contribute to the vertigo-causing condition that you have. If you already tried other remedies and saw no changes in your symptoms, you can check out upper cervical care. It’s a promising and holistic approach to healing that many patients turn to for vertigo management.

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