Millions of people in America, regardless of age, sex and occupation, are no stranger to back pain. It’s a widespread problem that often occurs with an underlying disease or condition. It’s so common that doctors list it as among the top reasons for hospital visits. Every chiropractor in Escondido, including us, can attest to back pain prevalence because we’ve catered to numerous patients complaining about it. 

Not yet convinced about the severity of this health concern? Here are 12 surprising facts that would totally change how you see back pain:

1. Back pain leaves significant impacts 

Besides the stabbing or searing pain, it’s common to deal with poor sleep quality, increased anxiety and irritability, and a long list of other issues. It can also impact your productivity levels and distract you from completing chores or work tasks.   

2. Back pain has economic impacts

According to a study, the country losses around $560 to $635 billion per year because of backaches. The estimated value combines the costs associated with missed workdays, lost work hours, reduced wages, and healthcare expenses.   

3. Backaches can happen to anyone 

Statistics from various studies reveal that roughly 80 percent of the population will most likely experience a painful back at one point in life. Some of the factors that could affect the severity or trigger the onset of backaches include age, sex, occupation, obesity, alcohol consumption, physical activity level, and pre-existing medical conditions.

4. Age remains the most significant risk factor

Musculoskeletal pain has an 85 percent prevalence rate in older people, especially those aged 65 and above. Often, older people who complain of muscle pain expressly point to their back as the most affected part.

5. Recent trends show more young people experiencing backaches

When you hear anyone talk about back pains or trips to an upper cervical chiropractor in Escondido, you immediately associate the situation with older people. However, a study reveals that recently, more and more younger adults also experience the same issue. Researchers associate the increasing prevalence of back pain in young adults to various modifiable risk factors such as lifestyle choices and long hours spent sitting in front of a monitor. 

6. Many people don’t even know why their backs ache  

This is because back pain could stem from a long list of things, including a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, low-quality workspace furniture, and previous spinal injury. If you wish to narrow down the potential causes, you’ll need to consult with your physician or a cervical chiropractor in Escondido

7. Women tend to have more severe symptoms 

There are many possible explanations why women tend to suffer from more back pain compared to males. One could be the fact that women have smaller hip bone joints. This increases the risks of developing lower back pain. Degenerative spondylolisthesis is also another factor, especially among post-menopausal women. Other factors that make women vulnerable to backaches include gynecological disorders, spinal osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. 

8. Pregnant women often struggle with an achy back

One of the reasons why back pain tends to more severe in women is pregnancy. A study explains that 50 percent of pregnant women suffer from back pain, especially in the lower back. Most of the time, the pain starts to become noticeable at 18 weeks. 

9. Half of the working population report backaches 

Physical labor and extensive hours spent sitting on desks can impact the spine, back, and neck. These could affect your posture and cause muscle strain, which can trigger the onset of chronic back pain. 

10. Work-from-home setup causes back pain problems 

A large fraction of the US working population had to shift to a work-from-home setup due to the global health crisis. This results from bad quality work chairs, long work shifts, plus the stress of adjusting to the new normal.  

11. Pain relievers aren’t the only option to ease pain 

While pain medications can help manage pain, their effects wear out after some time. As a result, more and more people dealing with back pains seek other remedies like physical therapy and upper cervical care, providing long-term relief. 

12. Chiropractic care is a popular back pain relief option

Roughly percent of patients who receive chiropractic care want to address back pain. Upper cervical care, one of the many subspecialties of chiropractic care, comes in quite handy for back pain relief. The method focuses on correcting neck bone misalignment, a likely factor that triggers or aggravates back pain. 

It’s a gentle and precise technique that stimulates natural healing. The series of upper cervical chiropractic adjustments provide lasting relief because we customize the approach based on your bone misalignment. Using digital imaging tests, we can assess the severity of the misalignment and determine how we can fix them the right way. 


There’s Hope for Back Pain Sufferers!

Back pain can indeed cause major disruptions in life. It could also impact the lives of people around you as well as your job. Good thing, you can seek natural remedies like upper cervical care to combat the condition’s incapacitating symptoms. 

Essentially, when you receive cervical adjustments, you’re encouraging your misaligned neck bones to ease back into their original orientation slowly. In effect, this removes pressure on nearby tissues like the brainstem and reduces muscle tension.  

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