Man’s science is predominantly concerned with treating and preventing disease from the outside in.  Whether it be medications, vaccines, masks, or surgically altering our anatomy.

Nature is predominantly concerned with health. By following the basic laws of nature, we create the setting for adaptation and healing from within.

So, what is the answer when making choices on how to approach our wellbeing and longevity.

To me the answer comes with this question.

Is this going to make me healthy?

Is taking hypertensive medication making me healthy?  Is taking a statin drug making me healthy?

No, because each of these drugs and most any prescription drugs have side effects which make you unhealthy. Also, if you were to stop the medication would your disease or symptoms be healed? Probably not.

Do vaccines make me healthy?  Injecting a man-made solution containing aluminum and sometimes mercury directly into the bloodstream in the name of preventing individual diseases.  Many lawsuits are pending due to the adverse reactions of vaccines. So much now that the government has made it so that no one can sue for deleterious effects of a vaccine.

Does wearing masks make me healthy?  Presently we know that the oxygen content in the mask when worn drops and the bad carbon dioxide increases to unhealthy levels.  Also, one is breathing in bacteria caught within the mask.  OSHA and the CDC admit that masks do not prevent airborne infectious diseases.  Just think logically, would an animal wear a mask.  

And finally, does doing surgery make us healthy?  In emergency situations surgery can be necessary but what about all the elective surgeries.  Ask the question, is this going to make me healthy. Maybe yes, maybe no. You decide.

Science is valuable in many instances.  Adjusting the spine into alignment, setting bones, washing hands, distancing from sick people, in the case of Malaria sleeping with a net to prevent the mosquito causing agent.  All these approaches do not cause us to be unhealthy. 

The Hippocratic Oath states,   

First, do no harm.

I personally side on Nature’s Wisdom.  When one concentrates on health, disease seldom comes.  Our immune system becomes strong, our muscles and limbs are injured less, we heal faster, even our mind becomes more aware.

Follow the laws of nature. Point yourself toward health. Think health not disease.  It has worked for myself, my family and my patients who have adopted this way of thinking.

As Jack Lalanne (lived to 96) was quoted:

The problem with people is that they are thinking about disease and death.  I think about health, healing and what I am going to do in the future.



Dr. Ray