Every chiropractor in Escondido is well-equipped to help children with migraines. Many people are unaware of the fact that children also suffer from migraines, not just adults. Here are some migraine facts concerning children:

  • At least half of all migraineurs experienced their first attack before the age of twelve. 
  • As high as 10% of school-age kids experience migraines. 
  • Kids with migraines are absent from school twice more often than those without migraines.
  • Infant colic is associated with childhood migraines.
  • Migraines are present in young children, as early as 18-month old babies.
  • If a child has one parent with migraines, that kid has a 50% chance of getting them. 
  • A kid with two parents suffering from migraines will have a 75% chance of inheriting the condition. 

The majority of parents agree that when it comes to caring for their kids with migraines, prescription medicine is something they are not thrilled. The accompanying side effects can be dangerous, and parents would instead search for other, more natural ways of caring for migraines in their children. Take note that the FDA did not approve most medications for children anyway. Thus, caregivers and parents often wonder. Is there a safer and more natural method to care for migraines? Fortunately, the answer is yes! A chiropractor in Escondido can help you with this matter.


Common Migraine Triggers

Every person has different migraine triggers. However, here are some everyday things that can cause migraines in both children and adults:

  • Caffeine
  • Aged cheeses
  • Lunch meats
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate) a seasoning common in Chinese food
  • Aspartame
  • Chocolate

Please remember to consult your family doctor or a chiropractor in Escondido if you begin to notice your kid’s migraines getting worse. Let’s look at some remedies or ways you can help your child avoid or deal with their migraines.


How Guardians Can Help Prevent Migraines in Children

There are some things parents and guardians can do to help prevent migraines in children. Migraine specialists and our chiropractor in Escondido recommend the following practices:

  • Make sure the child keeps a regular bedtime routine in order to get sufficient rest each night. 
  • Ensure that the child is regularly eating. Skipping meals should be avoided because it leads to low blood sugar. Thus, in turn, causes migraines in children. 
  • Encourage the child to exercise daily. Allow them to play safely. 
  • Stress in kids must be kept at a minimum level or avoided if at all possible. 
  • Help children identify and then avoid their migraine triggers. To do this, keep a migraine diary. Write down what things the child did the day before a migraine attack. The list should include:
  • The specific foods or drinks the child took
  • Activities or daily routines performed
  • Where the stress level of the child was at


Root Cause of Migraines – Why is it Important?

Medications for migraines often only address the symptoms but not the cause. Dealing with symptoms only gives you temporary relief. Therefore, migraines can always come back later due to triggers or underlying causes.

However, to get permanent relief, the underlying cause needs to be addressed and solved. Any medication belongs to one of two categories: 

  • Abortive or rescue medication – used for when a migraine attack has already commenced. 
  • Preventative medication – this is often taken daily basis, aiming to halt migraines before they start. 

As mentioned earlier, neither of these types of medicines addresses the root cause. Thus, they can never give long-term or permanent migraine relief Escondido. Therefore, it is critical to get to the root cause of migraines in children.


Migraines and Misalignments

Through the years, migraines proved to be caused by a misalignment of the top bones of the upper cervical spine. These two bones surround and protect the brainstem. Located in the neck, the C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae often suffer misalignment due to a minor blow to the head or neck. Also, the brainstem experiences stress and pressure.

When any of this happens, misalignment leads to a disruption of blood flow to and from the brain. You may begin to wonder how the child endured this type of injury or trauma, especially if they are very young. 

Because of the unique shape and high flexibility of these C1 and C2 bones, they are more prone to misaligning than other bones of the spine. What causes misalignment in kids?

  • Repeated falls when still learning to walk
  • The birth process 
  • The strain put on the baby’s neck as he or she exits the birth canal
  • Sporting or playground injuries
  • Being in a car that got involved in a fender bender
  • Slipping or sliding that causes head or neck trauma

It takes only a quarter millimeter of a misalignment to trigger problems throughout the body. Migraines are just one of those health issues. 


Safe and Effective Solution for Migraines in Kids 

Children and adults alike can benefit from having the bones of their upper neck appropriately aligned. Here at Rickards Precision Chiropractic and Wellness in Escondido, California, we use a precise and gentle technique to encourage the bones of the neck to realign precisely into place. Thus, allowing the body to begin healing optimally. Furthermore, it restores the proper flow of fluids to and from the brain. Often, this is all that is required to see a significant improvement or a complete elimination of migraines. 

Is this method proven to work? Here’s solid proof. There was a case study which observed 101 migraine patients. Each patient recalled having some form of trauma to their neck or head before their migraines started. Then, each patient got examined, and it showed that each one had a misalignment in their atlas (C1) or axis (C2) vertebrae. Upper cervical chiropractors performed the adjustments according to each patient’s specific requirements. The results were astounding!

Eighty-five migraine patients reported that their migraines disappeared completely. Patients aged 18 years old and below experienced relief from headaches and migraines after less than two months of upper cervical chiropractic care. The remaining patients showed a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of their migraines.

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