If one were to dislocate their finger, it would be necessary to set it back into its normal position.  If the finger is sprained and looked a little crooked, you would still want to set it to its normal alignment.  In both cases after it was set, a splint would be applied.

          The reasoning for the above relief care is to make sure the finger heals straight and that the joint can function normally in the future.

          It is common practice under medical relief care to minimize any importance of a spine that is out of alignment.  Typically, medical relief prescribes medication, epidural injections, or surgery. This approach seems illogical.

          A precision adjustment by an Blair upper cervical chiropractic expert is necessary to set and reprogram the spine to hold its alignment.

          As upper cervical chiropractors, it is our science and art to adjust the spine back into alignment thereby removing any spinal nerve pressure. When the spine is aligned the disc that is sandwiched between the vertebral also improves.

          Logic tells me chiropractic therapy in Escondido needs to be first, not drugs, epidural injections, or surgery.  Just like setting a finger back into its normal position, the spine also needs to be adjusted back into it normal alignment.

          If you, a family member, or friend have not been checked for spinal misalignments (subluxations) please consider it.  It can be a life changer and saver.


In good health,

Dr. Raymond Rickards