As human beings, we have two systems of energy. These systems are an electrical system and a combustion system. Our electrical system is our divine system, the spark of life. This energy is what flows from our brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves connecting to every cell in our body. In fact, if you were to strip away all the cells from your body, and only leave the nerves, you would still be able to recognize yourself.

The other energy system of the body is our combustion system. This system has to do with the food we eat. As your chiropractor, I am concerned about both systems, but I specialize in the electrical system.

From day one in the mother’s womb, the spark of life causes one cell to divide into two cells, then four cells, etc. until nine months later we have a baby. The first specialized parts of the embryo to show up are the brain and spinal cord. From the spinal cord come the spinal nerves which grow organs and the rest of the body parts. An analogy would be a tree trunk as the spinal cord, the branches of the tree as the spinal nerves and ultimately the leaves, flower and fruit as all the other organs and body parts.

Now can you see that the divine energy of life as an innate intelligence, which directs not only function but also the creation of every cell in the body? This innate intelligence continues throughout our life to heal us and direct our function. Even science has discovered that every cell of the body automatously replaces itself within one to two years.

Every day we have a fresh start. Based on our daily activities and desires, we adapt our bodies to the self-imposed physical and mental stresses necessary to achieve those activities and desires. If you were to start lifting heavy weights every day, your bones would become denser and thicker, your muscles would become larger, and your digestive tract would digest protein foods more easily. You would even look different because your body would be different.

Likewise, if you were to become a marathon runner, your bones would become lighter, your muscles would become leaner, and your digestive tract would specialize in digesting carbohydrates. Your body would look completely different compared to if you had chosen to lift weights.

If every cell of the body does replace itself within 1-2 years, then why would a person have an ongoing symptom or disease? One would think that the organ and cells that are causing the symptoms or disease would soon replace those damaged or diseased cells with new, normal functioning cells. If a symptom or disease was caused by a combustion/nutritional deficiency, then the whole body would be affected. This scenario is not, however, the cause in most conditions. Usually only one or a few parts of the body are painful or diseased.

Any seasoned chiropractic doctor in Escondido will tell you that the chiropractic principle of healing is the answer. Since the electrical system, or nervous system, communicates the divine spark as innate intelligence from the brain and spinal cord to all organs and tissues, you must conclude that there must be an electrical interference to the diseased or painful body part.

The most common interference to our electrical system, or nervous system, is a vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebra, with the one above or below causing compression or irritation to the spinal cord or its nerves as they exit the spinal bones.

Thank God for chiropractic. As an upper cervical chiropractor in Escondido, my job is to find and correct the vertebral subluxation. Once the corrective process has started, less nerve interference translates to better healing of the effected organs and tissue cells.

This wonderful phenomenon guarantees that we do have a fresh start every day. The innate intelligence is again connected to the diseased of damaged tissue, and normal cells will begin to replace the abnormal cells as healing occurs.


Take chiropractic seriously and bring your friends and family members in for regular checkups.


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