I often hear of a celebrity, politician, or even a distant relative having a grave illness or even dying. What happened? They seemed so young or healthy. We don’t really know what kind of life that person lived. We can blame their demise on unfortunate disease, bad luck, or poor genetics, but I feel there is more to it than that. Some of our blocks to having a long, healthy life are as follows:

  • Prescription Medications
    • Side effects of drugs
    • The false feeling that they are doing something for their disease and therefore don’t have to worry about changing their lifestyle and getting healthy. 
  • Sugar and Caffeine
    • Both are like drugs. They are addictive and over time cause diabetes, heart attacks, and a host of other diseases. 
  • Stress/Not Enough Sleep
    • They go together. When you are stressed, you don’t sleep well.
  • Too Much Exercise
    • Many yuppies (55-70) don’t eat right, are stressed, and are taking meds yet they feel they want to train hard in the gym and run 10Ks. Look out for heart attacks and immune deficiency diseases (cancer, pneumonia, etc.).
  • A Spine that is out of Alignment, Blocking Nerve Flow to Essential Organs
    • How many people do you know that have become unhealthy since a car accident injury to their neck or spine because they have failed to obtain chiropractic therapy in Escondido? Lots…
    • A difficult birth, where their baby is pulled out instead of pushed out. From day one, that person will be weakened throughout their life due to an upper neck misalignment (subluxation). 

So, Let’s get healthy! It’s easy.

  • Decide to decrease or eliminate any medications (talk to your doctor first). 
  • Eliminate caffeine (coke, most soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, and black tea).
  • Eliminate refined carbohydrates (including grains/cereals).
  • Change your perception of stress. Look for unseen benefits to any stressful situations.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep… at least 7-8 hours a night.
  • Exercise in moderation. Strength training 1-2x/week, aerobics 1-2x/week. That’s it. 
  • Get maintenance chiropractic checkups once per month or more. If you’re in pain, be sure to visit a chiropractor in Escondido as soon as possible. Listen to your body!

There is one last important part of getting healthy.

Have a purpose in life. It could be your career, your family, a sport, travel, looking good, etc. Find your passion so that you have a reason to live a long, healthy life. Only then will you have the discipline to take the above steps to achieve your highest potential.

In good health, 

Dr. Ray