High Learning Curve and Specialized Post-Graduate Work: Blair Chiropractors spend years to complete their specialized training and post-graduate work. As a result, fewer than 75 doctors practice Blair Upper Cervical worldwide.

Advanced Equipment Needed: Practitioners must invest in high-tech, costly equipment, including Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).

Investing in Additional Diagnostic Tools: Digital X-rays and computerized thermography are also essential for accurate diagnosis.

Specialized Adjusting Tables: The Blair technique calls for specific Upper Cervical adjusting tables, known as toggle tables.

Large Space Requirements for Blair Chiropractic Practices: Extra square footage is needed to accommodate patient resting areas post-adjustment.

High-level Skills and Accuracy: Mastering the Blair technique’s three-dimensional adjusting requires high dexterity and precision.

Long-lasting Adjustments: Patients generally need fewer visits thanks to the technique’s long-lasting results.

Congratulations, you’ve discovered something special—a chiropractic practice specializing in the Blair Technique! Many new chiropractors face financial and educational hurdles that make mastering this method a challenge. Between student loans and initial overhead costs, adding Blair Technique training can seem overwhelming.”

So, why is the Blair Technique so unique?

It’s an incredibly efficient form of care, often requiring fewer visits to achieve desired results. Additionally, it’s all about offering you top-tier, personalized care, a focus you won’t find just anywhere. Intriguingly, only three chiropractic schools worldwide teach the Blair Technique. This scarcity speaks to its specialized nature and our commitment to offering you unparalleled care. If you’re seeking a more effective and efficient approach to chiropractic care, you’ve found your answer. We’re thrilled you’ve found us, and we can’t wait to help you feel your best.

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