I have been practicing as an Escondido chiropractor for 23 years.  In those years I have had the opportunity to treat many patients with different conditions.  Some of those conditions are headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, ear infections, asthma, allergies, numbness in limbs, and athletic injuries.   After successfully relieving Dorothy for her severe low back condition she wrote this remarkable poem – remarkable because it expresses the fears and doubts that many new patients experience.  With her permission it goes like this:

“Chiropractic,” of course!

The pain in my back, how sharp the pain,
Muscle spasms, again and again,
I went to the hospital; they took an x-ray,
They shot my arm; it put me away,
For two days and nights, I had drugs so strong,
I couldn’t tell what was right or wrong,
They said they found nothing, I felt like a “Medicine head”
My options, they said, were drugs or the bed.
I returned to work, a pillow in my chair,
Again came the pain, I couldn’t sit there.
A fellow worker asked, “Have you seen a chiropractor?”
My reply:  “I know about them don’t even go there!”
“No, you’re wrong, they can help your pain.
Go ahead be stubborn, see the Doctor again!”
“Okay, I’ll call, but I don’t expect much,
Chiropractors are a head-snapping bunch!”
Linda was pleasant, he seemed okay,
He X-rayed and adjusted me on the same day,
“Oh wow” it was morning, I could move around,
It was slow and stiff but I wasn’t down.
I went very faithful, Monday and Thursday,
I returned to work and could last all day!
I stopped taking pain pills and I felt okay,
Then I went every week, only on Thursday.
Eventually my visits were twice per month,
I didn’t miss work and I felt my worth,
I call them “Neck breakers” and “Big body slams”
On occasion he does “flatten” my diaphragm.
These are joking terms, on occasion a pun,
Mostly for creating “conversational fun,”
This started, believe me, eighteen years ago,
He keeps me on the straight and narrow.
If I miss my adjustment- I do know-
The next open day I do go.
He’s there when you need him without big rewards,
I’m speaking of course, of  “Dr. Rickards.”

-With lots of Appreciation-

Dorothy R.

Needless to say I was flabbergasted after reading her poetic testimonial.


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