Do you believe we are supposed to heal? If you cut yourself, break a bone, eat something bad, or get the flu… what are your chances of healing? Pretty darn good, in fact, I would say close to 100% of the time. The human internal design and our divine spark of life which makes this design functional is truly beyond our comprehension.

Think about having the flu. Usually one has a period of fatigue, a period of fever, and a period of coughing up mucus. The first stage of fatigue we are forced to rest; the second stage of fever is crucial because bacteria cannot survive over 99 degrees; the third stage is the coughing up stage which is necessary to eliminate the resultant debris of a well fought battle against the bacteria. There is a miraculous innate intelligence within the body that is God-like… The body has defense systems, backup defense systems, and more backup systems, all designed to survive us through a long and glorious life.

My most difficult job as a chiropractor in Escondido is making people realize that the greatest doctor is their own ability to heal.

The problem is that we humans are always trying to out guess what our body needs. We are always trying to treat our symptoms not trusting that even symptoms are part of our divine design in the healing process.

Take the flu. The first stage of feeling tired is combated with some pill usually containing caffeine of alcohol. The second stage of fever we usually take aspirin or Tylenol to decrease the fever; the third stage of coughing up the mucus, we take antihistamines to stop or eliminate our coughing. The end result is complications: Pneumonia, extended flu, or side effect of the symptom suppressing drugs.


Listen to your body then plug into your innate instincts. Your body knows what to do; you just need to get out of the way.

So when do we worry about not healing? A paralyzed patient has problems. The life force which connects every cell to it’s innate intelligence is cut off to the paralyzed limb. How? Because the spinal cord or brain which generates and carries the life force has become damaged. The only thing that can stop your innate intelligence from healing up to your god given potential is when there exists interference to the brain or the spinal cord.

The most common interference to our nervous system is the vertebral subluxation.

A vertebral subluxation is when a vertebra goes out of it’s proper alignment and blocks the flow of life and thereby blocks the innate wisdom from reaching the cells of our body.

I, as your chiropractor, correct these vertebral subluxations to the best of my ability. Once I have corrected the vertebral subluxation and maintained the correction, your life force can once again bring that incredible God-given innate intelligence back into the body.

This big picture of chiropractic is the reason patients under chiropractic care throughout history have gotten well from ANY disease known to man. I have seen it and I believe it.

Every person on the planet should have their spine checked regularly. From one day old to 100 years plus, all spines need to be aligned so their bodies may be in touch with their true healing energy.

You have a responsibility to refer your loved ones in and to teach them about chiropractic. They otherwise will never know and suffer the consequences.

I am proud of you that you have chosen Escondido chiropractic care. Do as I tell you and you will have the gift of health, the power to heal like you haven’t had before. Be diligent in keeping your appointments and trust your own internal doctor… your innate intelligence is in a sense the God within you.

In Good Health,

Dr. Raymond Rickards


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