Everyone needs an Escondido chiropractor.  But what is chiropractic?  Is it a back remedy, a pain relief care, a therapy?

The brand of chiropractic offered to my patients is the type of chiropractic that put the profession on the map.
Symptom chasing with general manipulation or physiotherapy is not chiropractic.

In the early 1930’s through the mid 1950’s our profession was born from the specific correction of the upper neck, not cracking the back.  Twenty years of research using x-ray motion studies, thermography, electromyography and dissection studies demonstrated that the only place in the spine when misaligned that could cause spinal cord pressure was at the upper neck.  This time period was often called the golden age of chiropractic.

Patients would get well from serious sicknesses such as heart disease, diabetes, infections and even cancer.  Did everyone recover – No, but many did.

So why are we now only considered back doctors?  During World War 2 many soldiers’ lives were saved by medical doctors.  Relief care for shrapnel wounds, wartime infections, and the advent of antibiotics popularized medicine.  The medical profession, backed by the drug companies, became the sweetheart of America.  At the same time, in the 50’s and early 60’s, health insurances came into play.  The problem was that health insurance would only cover chiropractic for back problems.  Chiropractic began to cave into the sentiment of being relegated to back conditions so they could get paid.  Unfortunately we began to lose our magic.  More and more we became physical therapy pain oriented practitioners.

Thank God we did not completely succumb, as did the osteopaths (In the early 60’s the osteopaths became M.D’s)

Because many of the chiropractors of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s were still practicing, they held on to the philosophy that:  If you correct the spinal misalignment at the upper neck, the body will function normally and heal once again.  They had seen too many miracles in their office to give up the true principles of chiropractic.

I have retained that philosophy.  Because it is so important, I make the adjustment and correction of the top vertebra the most important aspect of my practice.  No therapy and no symptom chasing.   I reduce the pressure on the spinal cord with the most specific technique in chiropractic (Blair upper cervical) and allow the power that made the body heal the body.  It’s that simple.

The upshot is that even though everyone needs chiropractic, unless they go to a chiropractor like myself who specializes in removing nerve pressure, they may never know chiropractic’s significance.

Miracles still happen.  A patient may come in for their headaches and their hearing is restored.  A person may come in for low back pain and the bleeding stomach ulcers heal.  Escondido chiropractic care is not about relieving pain.  Instead, it is all about restoring the connection between your brain and spinal cord to your organs and tissues.  Hold your adjustment and look for miracles.

Blair Technique

1.  This technique is the most sophisticated technique in Chiropractic.  In fact less than 70 doctors do this method of spinal correction in the world!
2.  Three dimensional x-rays give a holographic depiction of the spinal misalignment (subluxation).  Forty five minutes of x-ray analysis is necessary to come to a precise formula for each individual.
3.   Three directional, painless force, catered to each individual, is used to correct the subluxation.
4.   Patients hold their adjustment better than any other technique in chiropractic.
5.   Computerized thermography is utilized on every visit to determine if any pressure is present.
6.   Do miracles happen?  Yes.

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