When you are holding your adjustment GREAT things start happening!

  1.  Healing kicks in to a degree that was not possible prior to the adjustment made by your chiropractor in Escondido.  Everyone has the ability to heal.  Healing is the continuous replacement of old dying body cells with new healthy cells.  The most current research as reported by Deepok Chopra M.D. states that our body replaces itself every one to two years with the exception of the nerve cells. The replacement process is powered by the force of life that travels through the spinal cord and its nerves.  It is no wonder that patients with spinal cord injuries have paralyzed limbs and organs that do not function properly.The most common interference to the life force is a vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment).  The vertebral subluxation occurs most commonly at the two top vertebras in the neck.  When these vertebras are stuck out of alignment, a lesser amount of mental impulse (life force) can reach the organs and tissues below. The result is incomplete healing and chronic ongoing symptoms or conditions.Release the life force with a specific adjustment and one is restored to their maximum healing potential.  Holding the adjustment is the key.
  2.  Time is necessary for healing. Just as a cut or bruise takes time to heal so does any other condition.  As one continues to hold the adjustment, body cells that were not replacing themselves (healing) properly will begin to replace old cells with stronger new cells. This continuous cell replacement process is the waiting period for symptoms and conditions to finally get better or completely disappear.  The time period of healing varies with age, degree of subluxation and how much damage has already occurred prior to the adjustment.
  3.  Stages of Healing
    A)  Initially a patient needs to come in as often as possible for adjustments. The reason for this is to train the body to reposition the vertebra off the spinal cord and nerves.  Once the pressure comes off the nervous system (spinal cord), the spinal muscles begin to relax and balance.  With this balance the legs even out in the prone position and the new healing potential starts.B) Maintenance of the spinal alignment is necessary so continuous healing can occur.  Typically patients will need to come in for check ups one time a week eventually and ideally working up to one time every four weeks.  Assuming a patient is holding from visit to visit, the body will heal from all sorts of problems way beyond what the patient even came in for.As an example, I had a patient named Bill who came in for headaches.  He had had headaches for years.  We found a subluxation in his upper neck and began the corrective process.  After three weeks of care Bill dramatically states that he does not want to continue with the adjustments because he still had his headaches.  Fortunately he had already tried the medical route and a number of other options prior to coming to my office.   He had no where else to go and I convinced him to stay with my 8 week plan.  Six weeks go by and he takes his coke rim glasses off and throws them into my trash can as he emphatically states, “I don’t know what you have been doing but I don’t need to wear my glasses anymore.”  We did a revaluation and noted excellent correction of the original subluxation.  At that point I had him check back less often, about once every 1- 2 weeks.  It took 6 months for his headaches to finally go away.
    My point is that chiropractic therapy in Escondido does not heal anyone.  Only you can heal yourself through your own life energy.  As your chiropractor it is my job to restore the proper flow of your life energy and allow you to heal once again to your optimum potential.  Will your symptoms go away?  Probably and many other problems (some that you were not even feeling yet) will heal and resolve themselves.
  4. Time table of Healing. Some patients hold their adjustment immediately and begin to heal quickly.  Others take two to three months to hold their adjustment.  No matter what kind of case your are, once the adjustment holds give yourself six months to one and a half years to see slow but sure healing resulting in a new healthy you.  You will be pleasantly surprised.


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