As a seasoned Escondido chiropractor, I believe that the first subluxation is the most important and yet the most neglected. The first subluxation usually occurs at birth since over 90% of the United States populace was born in an unnatural environment. Right from our first breath the vital life energy that flows from our brains down through the spinal cord and out to every cell is being choked off by vertebral subluxations caused by forceful birthing procedures.

Abraham Towbin, M.D., a Pathologist at Boston University says in his paper on brain stem injuries, that after autopsy of unexplained crib death babies, he found that 7 out of 8 babies died due to spinal cord injury. Injury that caused suppression of the cord’s vital functions, leading to paralysis of the life support systems and eventual death. Dr. Towbin tells us that this spinal cord damage is the direct result of pressure and force applied to the newborns head and neck by the Obstetricians’ use of his hands or by using forceps or suction devices, all of which are used to pull the newborn out from the mother. This tremendous amount of force applied to the newborn’s delicate spinal structures causes hemorrhage, dislocation, fractures and subluxations of the cervical spine, which in turn all produce pressure on the spinal cord and brain stem thus cutting off totally or partially this vital nerve energy. This damage leads to instant death, or death several weeks later, disability, and sometimes there are no symptoms at all until years later!!! The importance of Dr. Towbin’s study of dead newborns is even more important for those yet to be born in this over technological society. It’s important because it serves as a warning to parents that birth is a natural spontaneous process and not the 9 month disease that medical “experts” would like us to believe it is.

The results of Dr. Towbin’s study found that ALL infants born under these unnatural conditions (over 90% of us were) can be divided into groups.  He divides all newborns into three distinctive groups:

1.   Those that die at birth: These newborns whose spines were so mangled that their little bodies were never given the chance to function and didn’t last more than a few minutes.

2.   Those that live for several weeks then die: These newborns appear “normal” at birth and because they do not present symptoms they are never checked for spinal cord damage. Several weeks later, symptoms do appear and so much life has been cut off that they’re unable to sustain life.

3.   This last group is divided into two groups:
A.  Those who are severely limited from normal function:
By such problems as temporary paraplegia, permanent paraplegia, paralysis of the diaphragm (can’t breathe under their own power), cranial nerve damage causing facial paralysis, deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, minimum brain damage, epilepsy and other nervous system disorders.

B.  And lastly, those who at first exhibit no symptoms:

But years later problems will arise due to damage at birth. This last group sounds like one in which many people in our society fit.  This is why it’s so important to be health conscious instead of waiting for symptoms to develop, which is disease conscious. This is why Chiropractic has an important role to play in our society’s future health care. Chiropractic, including the chiropractic therapy Escondido we provide, hangs its hat on prevention and health, not relief care of symptoms and disease. There are laws of cause and effect, and if you treat the effects instead of removing the cause, you’ve really done nothing but temporarily relieve that effect while the cause of the problem is allowed to remain.

Let us together inform the world of vertebral subluxation and how they destroy the individual’s potential for total health.
Frank Cuzzo. D.C.

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