Every profession, whether they be dentists, doctors, attorneys, realtors, contractors etc. etc. have business building seminars available to them. Chiropractors and Blair Upper Cervical experts are no exception.  I have attended some over the 40 years of practice and I will let you in on the “dirty little secret” that is promoted in most of these seminars.

“It doesn’t matter what corrective technique you do to the patient — All that matters is that you have intention.” Hmmmmm.

This statement is false, but caters to the young inexperienced doctor, the overly financially ambitious doctor or maybe just a burnt-out doctor.  In other words, don’t worry about the details of the adjustment, instead just have a positive intention to correct the patient’s misalignment.  

Unfortunately, this is only half correct.  A Chiropractic doctor in Escondido, as I was, early in practice may have great intention but if he or she has not done their due diligence to study and explore the more effective chiropractic techniques, that doctor will fail with many cases.

I started with the cracking/twisting adjustments because that’s what was taught to me in my chiropractic college.  I always had good intention and people liked me, but I am way better now. Why? Because I have the technique to back it up.

A great intentioned surgeon can only be so good if he is doing inferior surgical techniques. Unfortunately, many young docs and some old docs take the word of these practice building gurus. They believe that in some metaphysical manner all they need is the intention for a successful practice.

Through my 40 years of experience I agree that any chiropractor can build a successful practice with good intention.  The only caveat is that “Is this best for the patient?” I think not.  Technique of spinal correction is crucial.  I know! Been there, done that.

The Blair technique in conjunction with the other techniques that I have evolved from is far superior to the generic cracking/twisting adjustment. It takes time, commitment, equipment outlay and a dogged analytical mind to do what I do.

I believe this idea of having only intention is an excuse for laziness about the technical and scientific aspects of Escondido chiropractic care. I assure you that in my office you get not only positive “intention” but also the most effective, sophisticated techniques of spinal correction in chiropractic.