I feel empathy for the general public when all they hear about is the above. Every symptom, every bump, every hint of a change in digestion, elimination, ect., could be cancer, heart disease, arthritis, or any one of the multitude of  diseases known to man. Run to your doctor. Have it diagnosed with blood tests, x-rays, cat scan MRI, biopsy, and the list goes on. I don’t know about you, but I would go crazy constantly being paranoid about disease and diagnosis. Stop!

There is the greatest doctor on the planet constantly recreating abnormal organ and tissue cells into normal organ and tissue cells with no diagnosis necessary. That doctor is your own life force. That life force is referred to by British Gray’s Anatomy as “The wisdom from within.” We are looking for miracles from the doctor outside of us yet all we have to do is observe ourselves to understand our magnificence. Four-hundred quadrillion cells constantly function to sustain optimal health triggered by the driven spark of life. Watch a minor abrasion heal in two weeks, a bone heal in four to six weeks, a McDonalds hamburger digest and turn into living eyeball tissue by the next day. There are miracles among the millions of other miracles that the body does without us having to think about it.

Our bodies are supposed to heal. Whether one believes in evolution or creationism there is an innate intelligence which runs our body which should never be underestimated. What our modern medical science touts so confidently will be considered quackery a hundred years from now just as what modern science thought was infallible a hundred years ago is now considered quackery. Yet, the doctor inside of us continues to heal and adapt us to our environment.

I am a doctor of health, not symptoms and disease. True chiropractic therapy in Escondido looks at that doctor inside of us, our intimate electrical life force. This electrical energy uses the brain and spinal cord as its communications system.

The most common interference to this communications system is the vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a bone, usually in the neck, that is out of alignment, impinging upon the spinal cord or spinal nerves. Correct the central subluxation with a chiropractic adjustment and the body now amps up its own life force from the brain to every cell in the body. Will the patient heal better – absolutely!

When the healing occurs the symptoms or diseases take care of themselves.

I write this  to remind you what chiropractic can do. Chiropractic is the greatest health insurance policy one can have, because it insures one can heal to one’s optimum potential.

Some patients will come in and when they feel better they stop coming in. Wrong! Keep your spine free from nerve interference and many problems will heal up that you hadn’t even told me about. It’s about health and healing, not symptoms. Symptoms are a by product of not healing. Since healing is only possible through our life force, one better keep tab of their spinal alignment.

If you are not holding the adjustment or have not been coming in for maintenance, make an appointment now. An experienced chiropractor in Escondido, I will work to eliminate the vertebral subluxation and do whatever it takes to get you to hold the adjustment. Afterwards, maintenance checkups would be ideal at one time a month.

Take charge of your health and divorce the ideas of symptoms, diseases and diagnosis, and point yourselves towards health. Remember it is you that does the healing!

So What Is All the Fuss About My Upper Neck?

The atlas and axis are the technical names of the upper two vertebrae in the neck. The top vertebra is called the atlas. Just as the Greek god, Atlas, held the world, the atlas of our spine holds the head. The axis is named like the axis of the globe for seventy percent of the rotation of the head occurs at the axis vertebra. Take in to account the weight of the head at eight to ten pounds and that these two top vertebrae are held together with the head only by ligaments. This scenario results in a structure that is very vulnerable to injury. The vertebra below the axis are connected together by a very strong and fibrous disc. Those discs don’t allow a vertebra to misalign to the degree that the spinal cord is threatened. Does that mean that everybody that walks into a chiropractic office is out of alignment (subluxated) in the atlas/axis region? Unfortunately, yes! but not because of our magnificent design but because of an unnatural traumatic injury at birth.
The present birth process is incredibly traumatic to an infant’s neck. We are the only creature with a spine that when born is pulled out instead of pushed out. Take into consideration the vulnerability of the atlas/axis structure and we’ve got a problem.


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