subtle, migraine relief in EscondidoLooking for the best source of migraine relief in Escondido? Before you start deep diving into your options, we strongly recommend getting acquainted with migraines, especially the subtle signs they cause. Doing so will help you plan and determine which sources of migraine relief you should consider adding to your routine.


All About Migraine – Facts, Causes, and More

You might have heard the word “migraine” before, but you may not know much about it. This condition affects millions of people yearly, so you must take it seriously. If you suffer from migraines, you should know what causes or aggravates them and how to alleviate your symptoms effectively. To help you understand things better, we have rounded up some must-know facts about migraine:

  • Migraine is a disorder that causes severe headaches.
  • The condition can develop due to certain lifestyle choices.
  • Its numerous symptoms include nausea, vomiting, throbbing headaches, fatigue, and sensory sensitivities.
  • It can develop in various individuals, including school-aged children, teenage kids, working professionals, and retired seniors. 


Subtle Migraine Signs

Every person experiences migraine differently, but there are some common yet very subtle symptoms before an attack that you might miss.

While most people experience and describe migraines as a throbbing pain in the head, it is actually much more complex than that. Migraines are neurological conditions that affect the brain and other parts of the nervous system. 

It can stem from various things and worsen due to different risk factors. Additionally, they can be subtle enough to go unnoticed by the individual who suffers from them. Here are some not-so-obvious signs to look out for:


Yawning is a natural reaction to a stressful situation. It’s a way of releasing stress and resetting your body by increasing blood flow, which helps with fatigue, headaches, and other migraine symptoms.

Some people yawn when tired or bored; funnily, this can be contagious. Others yawn because as a subtle sign that they are hungry or dehydrated.

Frequent yawning during the day or more than usual could indicate an upcoming migraine attack. If that happens, we suggest drinking water or eating nutrient-rich food like fruit or nuts.

Clogged nose

A stuffy nose can sometimes indicate impending migraines. However, it can also develop due to colds or allergies. It can also stem from tiny altitude changes when you travel or carbon dioxide levels fluctuation when you exercise. As a result, most people dismiss their clogged nose and associate it with health complaints other than a migraine attack. 

But now you know that it could be a symptom of an attack, we strongly suggest looking into other migraine indicators. You might also find it helpful to note and monitor how your symptoms progress over time, hydrate, and try to relax more. 

However, if your nasal congestion worsens as the day continues or new symptoms emerge, such as light sensitivity or nausea, your migraine may soon hit full force. So, it might help to take your prescribed medication or tap into your usual choice for migraine relief in Escondido.


Insomnia means the person has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep for at least 3 nights per week for one month. Several factors can cause it, including:

  • Physical triggers such as pain or discomfort
  • Psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Medications that taken during the day
  • Lifestyle choices like watching TV, use of alcohol, or caffeine before sleep
  • An irregular sleep schedule (for example sleeping in on weekends or at strange hours)

As many people worldwide experience insomnia (30 to 48 percent of the population), it is very easy to miss as a migraine symptom. More often than not, people shrugged it off as a condition due to a poor and unhealthy sleeping pattern.

Mood swings

Mood swings are prevalent, but if you’re experiencing them more randomly, as usual, it may be a sign that something more is happening inside you. The symptoms of depression and anxiety can often look like the symptoms of migraine headaches—and vice versa. So, if you notice your mood changing, check with your doctor immediately, just in case.

If hormonal changes cause mood swings, they’re likely to come right before or during your period (or when you’re premenstrual). It is when you might feel happy one day and irritable the next—and then feel fine again after your episode. Anything other than that could be a sign of a potential migraine attack.

Since most people do not consider the above signs as a warning of an impending migraine attack, they tend to ignore it until the symptoms become unbearable. 

However, suppose you have been experiencing any of these signs. In that case, it is best to seek medical care as soon as possible to secure or start on a suitable form of available migraine relief in Escondido.

Additionally, you might find it extra helpful to consider seeking our upper cervical chiropractor, Dr. Rickards for a quick cervical spine assessment.


Get the Best Migraine Relief in Escondido

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