Let us plant a garden
1.   Make sure the soil is fertile
2.   Make sure there is sufficient water
3.   Make sure the sunlight is optimum
4.   Plant the seeds and Get Out of the Way!

In other words nature will now create a wonderful garden without any intervention. In fact once a garden is planted in fertile soil with sufficient water and sunlight, one cannot improve upon God’s eventual product.

I have planted organic gardens and I have observed that the bugs only attack the vegetables and leaves of the plant on the outskirts of the garden patch. These leaves and vegetables were susceptible to the bugs because they were not getting enough water, sunshine or fertilizer.

We are no different!

We are so busy trying to diagnose a disease, treat a symptom, and maybe even have a surgery, that we miss the most important factor: That factor is our own healing power!

Just like a plant all we have to do is set the stage.

1.   Keep your spine in alignment. Like a tree, if it get’s blown over and the trunk snaps or is damaged, the fruit or leaves do not receive its life force from the earth.
2.   Eat only nutritious foods – rich soil makes a strong plant
3.   Get sunshine and exercise – a plant must receive sun and an active environment.
4.   Maintain a calm mind – a plant has little or no conscious mind that would otherwise interfere with its normal growth.
5.   Drink clean water with added minerals (use Green Powder from Jimbo’s or a health food store). Just like a plant would after a beautiful rain with the minerals dissolved from the earth.

Set the stage, get out of the way, and watch yourself heal

Life becomes easy when we use our mind to work with the beautiful laws of nature. One will no longer be concerned with disease paranoia, fear of doctors and the indecision as to what to do when one is feeling poor.

The Escondido chiropractic care we provide works with the laws of nature. I tap into your own healing power that travels through the spine… I keep you connected to your divine healing power.

Beware the laws of man…
Embrace the laws of nature!

In Good Health,

Dr Raymond Rickards, DC

How’s Your Immune System? It Depends On Your Nerve System!

“Multiple anatomic and physiological connections exist between the Central Nervous System and the immune system, including ‘hardwiring’ of the autonomic nervous system via the vagus nerve (influenced by the altas and axis vertebrae) and the sympathetic nerve fibers (control every organ in your body come from your spine) to the main sites of the immune system in the liver, spleen, bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, skin and gastrointestinal system.”

Source: Elaborate interactions between the immune and nervous systems.
Nature Immunology 5, 575-581 (2004) May 26, 2004
Lawrence Steinman Department of Neurological Sciences and Neurology and Pediatrics, Interdepartmental Program in Immunology, Beckman Center for Molecular Medicine, Stanford, California 94205, USA.


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