Pain!  Is it our biggest foe or our greatest ally?

You sneeze.  Why?  Because some pollen, smoke or residual mucus needed to come out.  You sneeze for your own good.

You have diarrhea.  Why?  You ate something bad, poison, parasite and your body wants it out.  You have diarrhea for your own good.

You have a fever.  Why?  Germs are over running your body, so the brain triggers a fever.  The fever kills the germs with the heat so the body can recover.  You have a fever for your own good.

Everything the body does of it’s own accord is for your own good.  Pain is no exception.

Pain has two major purposes,
1.   It acts as a compass in your life.  Pain warns you when you are hurting yourself.  If you sleep in a position that is causing you pain, then you have to get out of that position.  Why?  So you don’t keep aggravating the problem that is causing the pain.
You get a stomach ache; better investigate what you have been eating.
In fact every symptom is a warning just like the red light on your car dash board that lets you know something is not right and to take action.  This does not mean to eradicate the symptoms with a drug.  You do that and you’ll certainly be hurting yourself because you are not feeling the necessary pain and causing further damage.
So look to your symptoms and adjust your life accordingly.
2.   The pain is the message to the brain that something is not functioning properly or there is an injury.  Our brain is headquarters of our healing process.  Every impulse of pain is received as information to the brain so it may coordinate our miraculous healing process.

Get the idea?  Don’t treat the symptoms with drugs, therapy or surgery.  Listen to the symptoms and act instinctively.

So where does chiropractic therapy Escondido fit into our healing process?  The connection between our body’s cells, tissues and organs to our brain is the spinal cord.  If you interfere with that all important connection then you interfere with life’s messages that conduct the healing process.  Healing becomes disrupted and symptoms persist.  Vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment) is the most common interference to the spinal cord.

Do I treat the symptom?  No, I adjust the spine to release the nerve pressure thereby allowing the power in you to heal you from above (brain), down (spinal cord), inside, out (to all cells, tissues and organs).

Dr. Ray