Escondido CA TMJ relief

Picture this: You’re cracking up over a friend’s joke, and just as you’re about to give a high-five, a sharp zing in your jaw steals the spotlight. Or there you are, trying to relish that first bite of a gourmet sandwich, and bam, your jaw hits you with a pang of pain. Sounds familiar? That is the TMJ beast making an untimely entrance.

You must be wondering, “What’s up with my jaw and why the sudden drama?” Well, let’s grab our magnifying glasses and play detective. Together, we’ll sniff out the sneaky culprits behind TMJ discomfort and determine how you can potentially experience lasting Escondido CA TMJ relief.


What are The Top Triggers of Jaw Clenching and Pain?

  • The Midnight Grinder: Ever wake up with a jaw sore enough to make you think you’ve been chewing on gravel all night? Yep, that’s your TMJ screaming for a break from your unconscious nighttime grind-fest.
  • The Gum Factor: Who knew that the simple act of snapping a gum could turn into a full-blown jaw pain marathon?
  • The Uneven Chomp: An uneven bite’s like wearing one high heel and one sneaker – it throws you off balance. Your jaw’s no fan of that funky walk.
  • Stressed Much?: Stress has a sneaky way of creeping into our jaws. It’s like your muscles are throwing a tight little party, and TMJ disorder is the uninvited guest.
  • Creaky Hinges Aren’t Just for Doors: Arthritis doesn’t play favorites. It’ll crash in on any joint it can, including our precious jaw joints.
  • When Life Hits You in the Face: Literally. That soccer ball to the head or the accidental coffee table encounter? Your TMJ remembers every. Single. Time.
  • The Diet Dilemma: If your idea of a snack doubles as a jaw workout, you might want to rethink your choices. Your TMJ isn’t training for the Olympics.


What’s Your Angle, Atlas?

Besides the triggers we listed above, it’s also equally important to look into spinal misalignment – especially along the atlas and axis bones. As we always explain to our patients, the atlas vertebra, a.k.a. the top dog of your spine, can throw your jaw off its groove. A wonky atlas is like a bad DJ at a party, ruining the vibe for everyone, including your TMJ.

If you ever had a nasty neck or head injury or perhaps spent hours hunched over your phone, it’s quite likely, that your atlas bone might’ve nudged out of place without even realizing it.

Escondido CA TMJ relief

Dr. Rickards Can Help You Experience Lasting Escondido CA TMJ Relief

If you’re sitting there, massaging your jaw and thinking, “This is way too real” it’s time to look into Upper Cervical Care for lasting Escondido CA TMJ relief. Having your atlas bone checked by a board-certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor like Dr. Rickards of Rickards Chiropractic can help you determine if you make a good candidate for atlas adjustments. A thorough assessment of your atlas and axis bone using advanced imaging scans will help reveal how often you should come in for adjustments or follow up consultations.

So, what do you say? Ready to take a stand against the TMJ tyrant? All it takes is a single click to start your journey to a happier and pain-free jaw. Don’t let TMJ have the final say in how you enjoy your life. Step up, reach out, and let’s get you on the path to feeling awesome again.


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