Dr. B.J. Palmer (the developer of Chiropractic science) states: “Man has within his living being two intelligences – Innate and Educated.”

One is an involuntary gift to his body complete at birth (it beats your heart, digests your food, oxygenates you blood, etc.). The other he voluntarily develops from nothing to what we hope is something.

Innate Intelligence is a gift of God. Educated Intelligence is what you develop day by day, year by year. Innate Intelligence is greater than Educated Intelligence.

The Chiropractic Profession, from its very inception, has taught of Innate Intelligence and how it controls and runs all of the functions of the body. Innate Intelligence is in touch with every tissue cell of the body, with all the organs (including the brain). The U.S. News & World Report magazine ran an article on the brain calling it the “Human Computer” showing that the brain controls everything in the body. Actually this ability to run the body, the organs, the functions, to analyze at all times everything in the body, to coordinate them to see that everything is running to the best ability that the body is capable of doing, is Innate Intelligence at work. A good chiropractor in Escondido never claims to heal the body but releases pressure on the impinged nerve to allow it to once again carry messages from Innate Intelligence (in the brain) to the dis-eased tissue cells anywhere in the body. Once the dis-eased tissue cells receive mental impulses from the brain, they are able to function normally unless there has been too much damage caused by the vertebral subluxation.

It should be noted here, that Chiropractic Philosophy teaches that Innate Intelligence is separate from the brain and uses the brain as an organ to carry out its commands. When Chiropractic Philosophy was first being developed, it was not known how nerves transmitted mental impulses, or how much electricity was sent over or through a nerve. Science is just now starting to learn this. What was once Chiropractic theory is now being proven as scientific fact! Be that as it may, Innate Intelligence tells the brain what messages to send to all tissue cells of the body. It makes decisions on messages the brain receives from the body, and acts upon all information that the brain receives in order to carry out the regulation of all parts of the body. (Look up the word “innervate” in the dictionary to see that the brain innervates all tissue cells and organs in the body.)

There is not one tissue cell of the body that works independently of Innate. Innate Intelligence is in charge of everything, running the body normally, telling the heart how many beats in a minute to beat, telling glands to secrete their fluids in just the right amounts, telling the stomach how much digestive secretions to make, telling the intestines what to do, the liver, the kidneys, etc.

Innate Intelligence is in charge of repairing the body that is injured or dis-eased. Innate will repair that which needs to be repaired in the body the best way that is opened to it with the materials and resources at hand. If you cut your hand, you do not mentally say: “hand – heal yourself.” You know that healing will normally take place without thinking about it because experience has taught you that it will heal. How? – under the direction of Innate Intelligence. This Innate is at work because it will know which white blood cells have to come into action, what red blood cells have to do, the materials needed to make a scar, whether a scar will have to be made, whether the skin can be patched without scarring. Innate is in charge, and to make sure that it is in communication with all parts of the body. We, as Escondido chiropractic care experts, keep the spinal nerves free from being impinged (subluxated) by a vertebra out of place. We as Chiropractors, try to keep the avenues of communication between the brain and the tissue cells open. By doing so, Innate Intelligence is able to maintain the body in the best possible condition, allowing the organ and tissue cells to function optimally.

To back up the past statements, I would like to quote the following from Gray’s Anatomy book, 28th edition, page 4: “The Nervous System (neurology) includes the Central Nervous System which is composed of the brain and spinal cord, the Peripheral Nervous System which is composed of nerves and ganglia and the Sense organs, such as the eye and ear. Its function is to control and coordinate all the other organs and structures and to relate the individual to his environment.”

The last two lines tells you that if Innate relates the individual to his environment – there will be no allergies. I.E. hay fever, asthma, etc. Below is what some of my patients have experienced under chiropractic care.

“My headaches were gone within 2 weeks and realized that my arm and feet aches were gone too.”
Georgette V. age 82

“Chiropractic Adjustments have removed the chest pain, neck pain, and I can now sleep on my back without lying at a 45 degree angle.”
Richard T. PhD Age 68

“Since being under chiropractic care I don’t have severe pain all over my body, my constant headaches are gone and I don’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore.  I used to be legally blind without my eyeglasses.”
Mari G. Age 23

“I had been trying to get pregnant for about 1 year with no results. Two weeks after my first adjustment, the miracle happened. I am pregnant, feel good now, relaxed, can sleep, and I have more energy.”
Imelda M. Age 29

“I no longer have lower back pain, I have not used my inhaler in the past year, my menstrual cycles are no longer painful, and my allergies have only been bad twice this past year.”
Cheryl S. Age 37

“I went through spring without allergy medication and my back and neck feel great. My golf game has also improved.”
Thomas S. Age 52


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