So many people have benefited from the services of a chiropractor for neck pain in Escondido. Given the city’s many places to engage in outdoor sports and activities, it is not unusual to hear about pain from people of all ages.

At Daley Ranch, outdoor lovers congregate to hike, run, ride a bicycle, or enjoy a gallop at the equestrian trails. Over at Del Dios Highlands Reserve, the adrenaline junkies pump their high-end, hydraulic-supported mountain bikes.  With a place so rich in outdoor activity options, a few bumps along the way are expected.

Fortunately, for both the easy-going and the more adventurous, body aches and neck pain are not long-term problems that they have to deal with. Visiting a chiropractor for neck pain in Escondido is an accessible, cost-effective, and very satisfactory health care service for them as well as other communities in the San Diego area.


Causes of Neck Pain

Why do people get neck pain in the first place?  Some of the common causes of neck pain include:

  • Diseases

Some people already suffer from a certain disease like cancer, meningitis, or rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases make a person more prone to neck pain, which can develop as a symptom or a complication of the pre-existing condition.

  • Nerve compression

Pain in the neck is also felt when we have herniated discs or bone spurs in the neck bones (or upper cervical vertebrae). The spurs can pinch or irritate the nerves that connect to the spine, leading to sharp pain sensations.

  • Injuries

Car accidents, sports injuries, and other force-related trauma can cause injuries to the neck. Even something as innocent as riding a merry-go-round or a rollercoaster can cause whiplash.

  • Muscle strains

Athletes and people who are involved in very physical types of occupations are also prone to muscle strains. The daily grind can lead to muscle overuse. When the muscles are strained, tension occurs, and this tension can reach all the way to the neck. However, even simple actions like using a very thick pillow, poor posture, and excessive gritting of teeth can also cause tensions and pain in the neck.

  • Worn joints

Over time, we can wear down the cartilage in between bones. This cartilage acts like cushions or shock absorbers.  They also need to be given nutrition found in the blood and other sources of cellular fuel. When we lack exercise, nutrition from blood and other sources does not reach the cartilage between our joints and other bone parts. As a result, they become brittle. Others attribute it to the aging process, while some point to osteoarthritis as a cause of neck pain. 


What is Blair Technique?

One of the methods used by a chiropractor for neck pain in Escondido is called the Blair Upper Cervical Technique. It is a chiropractic method used to analyze and adjust the spinal column, specifically the upper cervical region.  Our entire spinal cord is composed of bones or vertebrae that are connected to each other. The spinal cord’s topmost bones are referred to as the upper cervical spine, specifically the atlas bone (C1 vertebra) and the axis bone (C2 vertebra). 

When there is an injury or misalignment of the C1 and C2 vertebra, there is also interference or distortion in how brain signals pass through nerve tissue. There is pressure on the nerves that can cause either pain or numbness. Soon after, even the range of motion of the spine is also hampered. These interferences and reduced transmission of impulses from to and from the brain is called a subluxation.

The goal of every chiropractor for neck pain in Escondido is to restore the proper alignment of the C1 and C2 vertebra, the result of which is the release of the nerves from any pressure or impingement. The C1 and C2 bones are actually cylindrical and they enclose the brainstem. 

The brainstem acts as a gateway for all brain impulses that enable us to think, feel, and move. Any misalignment in the upper cervical vertebrae also affects the brainstem, thereby producing a chain reaction of pain, loss of mobility, stiffness, and numbness from the neck and to other parts of the body.


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At Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness, we take pride in our good record of helping so many people achieve their goals related to health. We are best known for our precise, gentle, and effective way of helping address pain and discomfort in the body. 

Using the Blair Technique, we have assisted hundreds of people in their journey back to healthy and pain-free living. When you enter our doors, you will always be greeted with a warm smile. Our friendly, courteous staff will assist you immediately.

At the start, we always recommend an x-ray exam for the person suffering from neck pain. That way, we will always have a clear view of the vertebrae and their positions.  Any misalignment will be detected during the x-ray evaluation.  By knowing how the upper cervical bones are positioned, our upper cervical chiropractor for neck pain in Escondido can apply the necessary adjustments. At the same time, the individual is comfortably seated or lying on a side posture table.

If you need help with neck pain or any other conditions like migraine and vertigo, please do not hesitate to visit our office today. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.


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