For 24 centuries most of the world has depended upon the doctor of medicine to cure health problems, yet the world is still sick and getting sicker.
But more than forty million Americans have switched their thinking about doctors and each year an additional two million are switching. They are switching to Chiropractic, including Escondido chiropractic care.

Recently, medicine became “scientific” with the appearance of the bacteriologist. Since then, the orthodox education of the medicine man has centered around the theory of infection and has been focused almost exclusively on the infectious diseases.

Although some progress has been made in the fight against infections, medical science is beginning to realize that it is actually the degree of natural immunity, natural body defense, and vitality which determine the success or failure of any relief care.

Because the medical profession has been preoccupied with germs, viruses and infections, the vast majority of conditions, ills and diseases that trouble man, have been ignored.

15,000,000 Americans suffer from chronic headaches, another 28,000,000 have arthritis. Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer. Chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and nervous disorders still must be dealt with. Hay fever, asthma, sinus and emphysema make hundreds of thousands miserable. Neuritis, bursitis and sciatica plague millions more. Chronic ailments are on the increase every day.

Orthodox medicine has failed to meet these challenges, while a new kind of doctor,- the doctor of Chiropractic – now 45,000 of them – have become the second largest healing profession in the world by getting people well – after medicine failed.

None of the body functions “just happen.” Your heart doesn’t just happen to beat. Your lungs don’t just happen to inhale and exhale. Your stomach does not just happen to digest your dinner. All doctors know that your brain and nerve system coordinate these functions which make for life instead of death, health instead of sickness.

It is your brain and nerve system which causes your heart to beat 72 times per minute, 60 minutes every hour, 103,680 times every 24 hours and pumps 4,320 gallons of blood through nearly 100,000 miles of blood vessels, thus supplying oxygen and nourishment to every cell in the body, some 3 million of them.

Because your brain and nerve system direct it, today you will breathe 23,040 times, digest about 3¼ pounds of food, drink and process about 3 quarts of liquid, speak about 4,800 words, move over 750 muscles and exercise about 7,000,000 brain cells.
None of these things “just happen.” The nerve system – often called the Master System – controls every function taking place in your body. This makes you a whole human being rather than a collection of parts

The nerve system resembles an upside-down tree. The main trunk is suspended from the brain and the tiniest twigs end in the cells of the body.
Distribution of nerves throughout the body is so intimate and extensive that if we could dissolve away all other tissues, we would still see the form and proportions of the body in gossamer, a phantom body made up entirely of nerves.

When the nerve impulses flow smoothly and unimpeded as nature intends, a man enjoys health and a feeling of well-being. But when there is interference in normal nerve function, there is bound to be health trouble.

The spinal column is intended to protect the delicate spinal cord and the nerves leading from it. When it becomes misaligned, the column does not protect. Instead, the misaligned spinal bones impinge (pinch) vital nerves. This pinching action causes interference with normal nerve function.

In order to enjoy sound health, the individual must maintain an exact structural balance of the spinal column. Anything less than that leads to poor health and a constant grasping after good health.

It is the stresses and strains, knocks and bumps of living that sometimes overcome this balance. Just look at others around you; heads forward, clumped shoulders, hollow backs, protuberant bellies, knock knees and flat feet.

You can be sure these people suffer from attendant health problems: heart troubles, stomach trouble, liver trouble, are only a few. They may suffer from any of the nearly 400 different diseases or conditions caused by misaligned vertebrae pinching on nerves.

Misaligned vertebrae which pinch nerves are called spinal subluxations. A fall or injury may produce subluxations. They may result from stresses or strains, such as lifting the wrong way. Chemical, electrical or emotional shocks may overload the nerve system’s protective mechanism and produce subluxations.

An adult spine is composed of twenty-four moveable bones called vertebrae. Each vertebra has the general shape of a person’s ring. The rings are stacked one on top of another forming a vertical tunnel.

The delicate spinal cord – just thicker than a pencil – is suspended from the brain and extends down through the tunnel formed by the ring-like vertebrae. Smaller nerves lead from the spinal cord through opening between the vertebrae. These openings are called foramen. The nerves emerge in pairs, one to the left right and one to the left. There are thirty-one pairs of nerves. Each nerve goes to and controls a specific area of the body. When the spinal column is in proper alignment, the nerves pass unimpeded through the foramen. But when one of more vertebrae become misaligned, the nerve is impinged (pinched), and normal nerve function is cut off to the parts of the body served by the nerve.

Sometimes misaligned vertebrae connect themselves. But most subluxations need outside assistance for correction. That assistance is chiropractic care.

The principle of chiropractic was discovered September 18, 1895 by Dr. Daniel David Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. On that day, Palmer was in his office carrying on a shouted conversation with the deaf janitor of the building, Harvey Lillard.

Lillard was explaining in shouts to Palmer that about 17 years before working in a cramped stooped position, something had “popped” in his back. Since that time, his hearing had become progressively worse.

Dr. Palmer, a curious, intelligent man, examined Lillard’s back and found a painful, misaligned vertebra at the spot where something had “popped” 17 years before. He suspected a connection between this misaligned vertebra and Lillard’s impaired hearing… and reasoned that if something had gone wrong in that back and caused deafness, the correction of the misaligned vertebra should bring back Lillard’s hearing.

Using his hands, Palmer repositioned the vertebra with a gentle thrust, Lillard’s hearing improved immediately. In that moment, Palmer made the breakthrough that had eluded the greatest medical minds of all ages… he had discovered the cure of nearly all human disease.
During the next few days, Palmer continued the hand relief care of Lillard’s spine. Within a week, Lillard was able to hear as well as anybody and was telling anybody who would listen about Dr. Palmer’s hand relief care.

Dr. Palmer’s fame spread quickly as he proved that the hand relief care were effective in all sorts of disease conditions. He became a world-renown expert in the spine and nerve system.

His research into the cause of disease had led him to the conclusion that misalignment of the spinal column interferes with normal nerve function and thus, an alteration of normal body functions.

Everyone knows that pinched nerves in a broken back can cause partial paralysis of the legs and that if nerves are severely compressed, complete paralysis results.

Why then do some of us shut our minds to the same pinched nerve probability when (for instance) the lungs, heart, stomach or other parts of the body become diseased? Such thinking is inconsistent.

Lung, heart and stomach conditions need the same consideration that more obvious forms of paralysis receive. Tissue deprived of nerve energy (impulses) cannot maintain health without nerve guidance from the brain.

Chiropractors do not need to give medicine to cure the sick. They know that nature provides each person with a built-in druggist capable of compounding medicines, hormones, enzymes and antibiotics. Just as there is a health kit inside your body that heals cuts, mends broken bones and repairs damaged organs… so is there a doctor on the inside who can prescribe everything you need… in the exact dose needed… and without harmful side effects. The human body is capable of healing itself of every known disease provided nothing interferes with normal nerve function.

The doctor of Chiropractic works with the spine and nerves. He was the first to recognize that spinal bones (vertebrae), twisted even slightly out of place, impinge the major nerve trunks at the point where they pass through the small openings between the vertebrae, thus causing pain and disease.

You’ll find your chiropractor to be an intelligent, scientifically- trained doctor. Many years of professional schooling in basic and clinical sciences have given him the necessary background for discretion and judgment in caring for the sick and diseased.

He knows that each patient is an individual… that each spinal column is different… and that each spinal column needs specific chiropractic care.
The Escondido chiropractor is the only doctor in your community with the know-how to restore normal nerve function, the natural way to lasting health.??That’s how Chiropractic heals when medicine fails.


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