From the son of a medical doctor

When I grew up as a child I knew nothing about chiropractic despite being the trusted chiropractor in Escondido that I am today.  My father was a respected and loved medical doctor in our community near Los Angeles.  I had all my vaccinations, took cold medications for the flu and frankly was a little neurotic about sickness and disease.  I had a one sided view of health.  The medical view was that there are diseases and symptoms that could just happen at any time and the doctors were the cures.

My father had been a sick man for many years with bleeding ulcers.  Over a twenty year period he had lifetime medications, ten major surgeries and finally died from complications of his last surgery.  He was 47 and I was twelve.

You could imagine at my early age how I was crushed.  At that time I had been groomed to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a doctor.  Little did I know I would be led to a different kind of doctor.  My father’s death in retrospect became a blessing.  I was afraid of medicine and discovered a whole new world of natural healing, Chiropractic.

Chiropractic and Medicine are both necessary but for different reasons.  Emergency care is the obvious reason for medicine, but what about all the conditions that are chronic or degenerative.

Reasons to have a Chiropractor?
A Chiropractor:
– Works with your internal doctor- your life force
– Works with the Laws of nature not the laws of man.
– Looks at your own susceptibility instead of blaming disease on outside causes
– Understands that drugs do not cure but only cover symptoms or effects.
– Chiropractic seeks the cause.
– Knows that a disease or symptom truly goes away when you heal.
– Asks the big question.  Why is this patient not healing, as opposed to, what does this patient have?

Reasons to come to my office.
– I do not use the twisting/cracking of the neck adjustments because I feel there are more specific, less alarming techniques available.  I have done post graduate work to learn them.
– Thermography is used on every patient to non-invasively determine if one’s nerves are functioning properly.
– No yearly contracts.  Every case is individual and treated so.
– I have seen it all in my 35 years of practice in Escondido.  You will only get the cream of the crop options of spinal correction.
– Computerized NASA technology and specific Blair upper cervical techniques combined for optimum results.
– My patients know they are better because they feel healthier, their thermography clears up and their body becomes balanced.
– We have the most result oriented rehab center next door.
– Cutting edge anti-aging supplements are available.

As an experienced upper cervical chiropractor in Escondido, I am empathetic to you who are afraid or skeptical about trying a new doctor or just trying chiropractic.  I’ve been there.  My brand of chiropractic is painless, specific and effective.

Listen to one of my patient’s chiropractic experience:

“I was umpiring a baseball game when a ball hit my throat and neck.  Soon after the injury, I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulder and arm with numbness in my hand and fingers. After being treated for two months by a physician with 3000 mg or more of Vicodin per day he recommended neurosurgery on my neck.  My son had been helped by Dr. Rickards and told Dr. Rickards my dilemma.  Dr. Rickards called me to come in for another opinion.

Dr. Rickards, upon reviewing the MRI and x-rays, asked me to give him four weeks of corrective chiropractic care after which he would reevaluate.  I stopped taking the drugs, had the chiropractic care and within four weeks I was pain free.  I thank my son for telling me about chiropractic and Dr. Rickards for his wonderful ability to help heal me naturally.  No more drugs and no surgery. Amazing!”
– Dale Harvey

P. S. It has been 5 months since his injury and I am happy to say he has been holding his adjustment, feeling great and only comes in once a month for checkups.

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