I have played a lot of basketball in my life.  In fact, I was the captain of my high school basketball team.  I have had many sprain fingers and have even dislocated my fingers.  To be more specific, I have dislocated my fingers over ten times. Each time it dislocated I had to pull it and set it, sometimes on the court.  When I just sprained it, I had to splint it. Both injuries I set the knuckle and splinted it so it would heal straight and be functional.

Now what if I were to dislocate or sprain a finger and never set it or splint it?

                                                Are you kidding?

No seriously, never have it set, just let it heal the way it was.  Yeah, it would heal crooked and be nonfunctional.

So, I get a car accident patient in my Escondido chiropractic care clinic, take x-rays and see an obvious misalignment in their neck.  My goodness this needs to be set (adjusted) back into place. The only problem is that is has been five years since the accident.  It was never adjusted, and the patient was only given muscle relaxants as the mode of relief. They certainly can be helped but it will take longer.

                                                  Are you kidding?

I am calling out this crazy notion that leaving spinal misalignments alone is OK.  It is not.

A dislocated finger or sprained finger needs to be taken care of and set so it heals as straight and functional as possible. Yet medical relief ignores the more important misalignments that occur in the spine (as proven on x-rays) which occur in sports, auto accidents, or even birth injuries (birth process of pulling babies out by the head).

All people need to get a Blair chiropractic checkup because of this huge oversight in the traditional medical relief care of spinal injuries.

                                                No, I am not kidding!

If you, a family member or friend haven’t been checked for spinal misalignments (subluxations) please consider it.  It can be a life changer.

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