fibromyalgia chiropractor in EscondidoThe central nervous system controls a laundry list of physiological functions, including sensory signal processing and signal transmission to your motor nerves. So naturally, if something wrong happens to it, several processes in the body would fail, and you become susceptible to disorders and diseases. The question is, can it lead to the onset of neurological pain problems like fibromyalgia (FM)? If so, does it mean it’s worth it to schedule a visit to a Escondido chiropractor for fibromyalgia?


What’s Fibromyalgia? Should You Be Worried?

To date, fibromyalgia is among the commonly reported causes of neurological pain the US adults. Statistics say that roughly 4 million Americans have it and seek medical assistance or a fibromyalgia chiropractor in Escondido for its disabling symptoms, such as:

  • Chronic body pain 
  • Unexplainable fatigue
  • Impaired cognition (poor focus and memory retention) 
  • Muscle numbness 
  • Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Anxiety attacks, stress, and depression 
  • Chest pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Hip pain
  • Bladder problems 
  • Increased allergen sensitivity

Most people diagnosed with this disease experience disruptions in their daily activities. Some struggle to cope with physically or mentally draining events and experience emotional rollercoasters during flare-ups. On the one hand, others share that they feel socially withdrawn because of the impacts of their diseases. 

Studies continue to investigate the possible triggers or causes of the symptoms. So far, findings suggest that genetics, exposure to stressful events, and pre-existing health conditions can significantly increase a person’s risk of fibromyalgia. Other studies note that the onset of fibromyalgia symptoms appears to happen because of central nervous system defects.

If you suspect having FM symptoms, getting an official medical diagnosis is crucial. This might require you to undergo a few diagnostic procedures like blood analysis to detect inflammation and other abnormalities in your body. Your doctor might also check your co-morbidities and rule them out as the source of your pain and discomfort.


Fibromyalgia and the Central Nervous System 

Doctors discovered fibromyalgia (then called fibrositis in the 1800s). Back then, they thought that the pain or tenderness originates from inflammation of the muscles. However, modern studies debunk the claim and suggest that fibromyalgia pain stems from a CNS defect called central sensitization. Researchers explain that this condition causes the CNS to overreact to pain and pressure stimuli.  

To help you further understand central sensitization and its role in causing fibromyalgia pain, here are some essential facts:

  • The nerves can “memorize” stimuli like pain and pressure.
  • Repeated stimulation of nerve pain causes hypersensitivity. 
  • Chronic nerve pain can stem from neck bone misalignment.
  • Off-centered neck bones, especially the C1 and C2, can press on nerve roots and trigger hypersensitivity.
  • Bad posture, disc degeneration, and overextension of the neck because of an accident can cause your neck bones and skull to shift. 
  • Besides increasing risks for central sensitization, cervical subluxation can also cause damage to the brainstem. As a result, it can disrupt processes like body clock regulation, digestion, and blood pressure control.
  • The sooner you fix a cervical subluxation, the faster you can relieve pressure on your CNS and experience changes in your condition.


How Upper Cervical Care Fits into the Picture

Upper cervical chiropractic is among FM patients’ leading remedies to relieve their symptoms. That’s because it works well in restoring symmetry and balance in the cervical spine. Essentially, an upper cervical doctor analyzes the neck structure to obtain the measurements needed for each adjustment. The process also requires positioning the neck at a certain angle to ensure that the chiropractic adjustment provided eases the bones to shift back to their original places.

It’s a natural and straightforward procedure that could last a few weeks or months, depending on factors such as:

  • How long you’ve had the cervical subluxation
  • How often you get your neck checked and adjusted
  • The quality of your after-procedure patient care
  • Your lifestyle choices (such as your workspace setup, body posture, etc.)

We highly recommend consulting with a fibromyalgia chiropractor in Escondido as soon as you can. This way, you can determine if cervical bone adjustments might hold the key to lasting fibromyalgia relief. 

It’s also an excellent remedy you can pursue, regardless of your age, sex, and other fibromyalgia risk factors.

Many patients with chronic FM symptoms have experienced long-term improvements in their symptoms after getting their neck bones adjusted. Here are some examples of case studies on fibromyalgia chiropractic care:

2011 case study: 36-year-old patient

The female patient sought the help of an upper cervical doctor because of her chronic FM symptoms. Her initial case assessment and neck examination indicated the presence of misaligned bones, so she received upper cervical care for 12 weeks. After completing the procedure, she reported dramatic improvements to her symptoms and overall health. 

2020 case study: 48-year-old patient

Thanks to upper cervical care, all of the patient’s fibromyalgia symptoms have gone into remission. In addition, it helped her regain her strength and agility and enjoy the things she couldn’t do when she had severe FM symptoms.


Correct Your CNS Issues With A Fibromyalgia Chiropractor In Escondido

Finding a reliable and sustainable way to cope with fibromyalgia is not an easy feat. Thankfully, with holistic healthcare options like upper cervical care, you can have a better shot at enjoying a life free of fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms. 

We hope we have helped you shed light on the connection between fibromyalgia and central nervous problems. And more importantly, we hope that you take the next step towards healing and recovering from your illness. 

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