Navigating Vertigo: A Guide to Post-Head Injury Management

How often do you find yourself experiencing dizzy spells in a typical day, and how has this affected your ability to carry out routine tasks or work? Are these vertigo episodes linked to any injuries you experienced recently? Are there specific movements or positions that consistently trigger your symptoms? How have your dizzy spells impacted your emotional well-being and overall quality of life? Do you now find yourself avoiding certain social or recreational activities due to fear of triggering vertigo? A chiropractor for vertigo in Escondido has helped patients ease debilitating vertigo symptoms by identifying misalignments in the upper cervical [...]


#1 Secret To Achieving Natural Relief for Vertigo in Escondido

Have you ever felt like the world is spinning around you? Or are there times when you feel like you will faint or weak in the legs? Have you ever had trouble standing up straight or walking without feeling dizzy or unsteady? Have you ever had to close your eyes or sit down because your surroundings feel revolving around you? Do you ever have to question if it's still safe for you to be out alone or drive by yourself because of these symptoms? Does your life now feel like it's been put on pause 'til you figure out what [...]


Do All Vertigo Episodes Come Hand In Hand With Nystagmus?

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from vertigo? Do you experience dizzying, spinning sensations, loss of balance, nausea and fatigue? Do your symptoms reduce your quality of life, making it difficult to carry out everyday activities? For example, do you often have to cancel social events due to unpredictable attacks?  Indeed, besides causing discomfort and distraught, vertigo can impact your overall wellbeing tasks. The associated symptoms of vertigo can leave you feeling exhausted and can take away your independence. You might find yourself avoiding activities you used to enjoy, such as going out with friends, because [...]


Are Disequilibrium and Vertigo Synonymous?

Many people ask if disequilibrium and vertigo refer to the same health concern. So, we thought of tackling this topic to lessen the general confusion. The simple answer to this is NO. Nevertheless, a lot of people continue to use them interchangeably. In this article, we'll try our best to draw the line between these two, spread better awareness on managing dizziness, and share the most recommended Escondido vertigo relief form that works for many people.   Vertigo vs. Disequilibrium As briefly mentioned above, disequilibrium and vertigo are not the same. Disequilibrium is the sensation of sudden movement in your [...]


Vertigo Explained: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients

Having vertigo is not a very pleasant feeling, especially if you don't know why you experience it in the first place. Dr. Ray Rickards of Rickards Precision Chiropractic and Wellness recognizes this issue, so we thought of creating a comprehensive guide on coping with vertigo attacks. Hopefully, this can help you achieve vertigo relief in Escondido and maintain good health.   Vertigo is A Symptom Contrary to popular belief, vertigo is not a condition on its own. Despite the debilitating discomfort it inflicts on its sufferers, vertigo is merely a symptom. Studies explain vertigo primarily stems from inner ear problems [...]


If Stress Is Causing Your Vertigo, Do These Tips

Vertigo is any kind of sensation that causes a spinning feeling even when you aren’t moving at all. These spinning spells are neural messages crafted by your body and brain. Unfortunately, stress can trigger this balance issue. And since vertigo and stress are closely linked, managing stress can help anyone get relief. This blog will discuss helpful strategies to combat stress-induced vertigo. We will also explain what our team does here at Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness and how we became a trusted Escondido vertigo clinic.  #1. Learn Relaxation Techniques It would be best if you spent time for relaxation. [...]


Vertigo-Causing Diseases and their Remedies

Despite appearing as a separate condition or disorder, vertigo remains a symptom of an underlying problem. It can recur several times over a brief or extended period, depending on what condition you have. By knowing what’s stimulating your vertigo attacks, you can determine whether remedies like going to a chiropractic doctor in Escondido will help you see improvements. Learn more about vertigo and its associated diseases and disorders, plus the relief options you can try in our discussion below.    Vertigo episode as a symptom The body has a remarkable way of perceiving motion or balance. It involves a few [...]


Meniere’s Disease: Vertigo and Its Other Symptoms

More and more patients visit an Escondido vertigo clinic to get help for Meniere’s disease. Also called endolymphatic hydrops, Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder with chronic episodes. It has quite crippling symptoms that can leave any person unable to hear or stay balanced.  Making some lifestyle changes can make symptoms less severe, and there’s also upper cervical chiropractic care that can provide long-term relief. We will touch on that topic later in this blog. Vertigo is one of the hallmark symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Besides it, what other symptoms accompany this disorder? Watch out for these signs and [...]


10 Critical Reasons Why People Suffer From Dizziness

Is dizziness a part of your life? You are not alone in this struggle. Ask anyone you know, and most of them would say they have experienced dizziness more than once in their lives. Some types are simple with natural remedies, including vertigo. Others are severe or complicated enough to require immediate emergency care. Here are the top ten causes of dizzy spells among people. After the list, we will explain a natural and precise way to deal with dizziness and vertigo. Escondido chiropractic therapy can bring long-lasting Escondido vertigo relief for patients with dizziness.  #1. Dehydration Diuretics are medications [...]


6 Health Conditions Linked to Vertigo

Have you ever had that feeling of sudden dizziness, like the world around you is spinning? It’s similar to a head rush, but a bit worse. The spinning sensation can be so bad that you may need to hold on to something to keep from falling down. When this happens, you are most likely experiencing spinning. Vertigo is the false sensation of movement, and it often has a rotational feeling. It can go on for as little as a few minutes or as long as a few days. The condition can turn life-threatening when an attack happens while a person [...]


6 Conditions Linked to Vertigo and How to Cure It

Imagine yourself jogging outdoors or sitting at work, and suddenly it feels like you are on a ride at an amusement park – that’s how people with vertigo feel during a vertigo episode. Vertigo is a kind of dizziness that makes you feel as if you or your environment is spinning. The sensation may hit unexpectedly and vanish just as quickly, or it may last for hours or even days. It could be deadly if it occurs in dangerous situations such as when you are driving or operating heavy equipment. This is why a visit to an Escondido chiropractor clinic [...]


Meniere’s Disease and a Simple Solution

Meniere’s disease is known for attacks of dizziness along with a spinning sensation (vertigo), ringing or other noises in the ear (tinnitus), as well as hearing loss. Both tinnitus and hearing loss can gradually become a permanent issue when not addressed. When you are diagnosed with Meniere’s, you may not be permitted to drive until you find a way to manage your symptoms and keep them under control.   Defining Meniere’s Disease Meniere’s disease is a unique but rare condition affecting the inner ear. One out of every 1,000 people will get Meniere’s disease, and it is prevalent among people [...]

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