TMJ vs. Toothache: Is Your Jaw Trying to Tell You Something?

Ever woken up with a nagging ache in your jaw? Maybe it feels like a dull throb that just won't quit or a sharp pain when you bite into your morning bagel. If you live in sunny Escondido, CA, you're not alone. Jaw pain is a common complaint, but figuring out the source can be a real head-scratcher. Is it your teeth? Your jaw joint? Or something else entirely? Don't worry; we're here to help you decode those pesky signals your jaw is sending. Whether you're dealing with TMJ pain or a toothache, understanding the difference is the first step [...]


Bite Into Knowledge: The Leading Triggers of TMJ Pain Explored

Picture this: You're cracking up over a friend's joke, and just as you're about to give a high-five, a sharp zing in your jaw steals the spotlight. Or there you are, trying to relish that first bite of a gourmet sandwich, and bam, your jaw hits you with a pang of pain. Sounds familiar? That is the TMJ beast making an untimely entrance. You must be wondering, "What's up with my jaw and why the sudden drama?" Well, let's grab our magnifying glasses and play detective. Together, we'll sniff out the sneaky culprits behind TMJ discomfort and determine how you [...]


Jaw Pain: An Additional Problem Among Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can change a woman's body in several unimaginable ways. That's why it's not surprising that many pregnant ladies seek ways to relieve TMJ in Escondido. Are you among them? Do you know a fellow expecting mom who has TMJ pain? This guide might be of help to you! Find out why TMJ disorders affect pregnant mommies and what steps you can undertake to manage and ease the pain and discomfort.   TMJ Disorders and Pregnancy: What's the Connection? It's unclear why expecting moms experience TMJ problems. However, studies enumerate several possible triggers, including the following:  Edema on the face  [...]


Can Jaw Relaxation Exercise Ease TMJ Discomfort?

Your TMJ or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most overused joint in the body. It's the one that connects your lower jaw to your skull via the temporal bone on each side of the head. Any damage or irritation to this joint can lead to a TMJ disorder with symptoms that might be difficult to ignore. Notably, TMJ disorder's accompanying symptoms cause intense pain and discomfort, and they can interfere with daily activities.  Thankfully, finding TMJ relief in Escondido is not difficult if you know simple remedies and self-care tips such as practicing jaw relaxation exercises. Learn more about the [...]


Things to Do If You’re Traveling with TMJ Pain

There is nothing better than going on a trip after a hectic week. You get to enjoy fun times with yourself, friends, or family. But there is one thing that could make the fun fade into thin air—intense TMJ pain. Not only do you have to keep track of your travel plans, you also have to ensure that your TMJ disorder doesn’t keep you in the hotel room for most of your vacation. Going to a TMJ pain chiropractor in Escondido before your trip can help you break free from the fear of experiencing painful jaw pain. But if you [...]


Icing Your Jaw And Other Means To Alleviate TMJ Pain

In the U.S. alone, a staggering 10 million people are affected by jaw issues. Jaw disorders are an umbrella term for several painful symptoms involving the jaw, including a locked jaw, pain or tenderness in the jaw, and pain around the ears, neck, and face. People looking for a TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near Escondido are very much aware of the daily challenges that come along with this condition. Although pretty unpopular, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a vital part of the body. Aside from connecting the jaw to the skull, the TMJ allows your mouth’s movements such as when [...]


TMJ Disorder: A Simple Overview

There was a time when people dismissed pain in their jaw as nothing more than chewing too hard, or for some, getting hit in the face one time too many.  There must be more to the jaw pain for those who are not into boxing as a sport or those who actually bite and chew conservatively. People who have felt jaw pain have tried several medicines and methods, to no avail. Many speculate about their jaw pain without adequate information and fail to use the right relief method for their discomfort. The good thing is, Escondido chiropractic care has helped [...]


4 Warning Signs of a TMJ Disorder

Every Escondido chiropractor stands ready to help patients find relief from their TMJ pain and problems. Most often, when people hear the acronym TMJ, they think of jaw pain or jaw problem. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. TMJ refers to the joints that join the jaw's lower part, known as the mandible, with the temporal bone of the skull. Both joints are in front of each ear. The temporomandibular joint gives us the ability to talk, chew, and yawn. It moves from side to side and also up and down. The jaw has muscles connected to it and the surrounding [...]


Providing Relief for TMJ Disorder

I’ve been running a TMJ pain chiropractic clinic near Escondido in California for several years now. And the more temporomandibular joint disorders I’ve dealt with, the more I’ve learned about this condition.  Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ Disorder) is basically pain felt in the jaw joint, as well as the muscles controlling jaw movement. Causes of pain generally vary, such as genetics, arthritis, and an injury to the jaw. For some, the excessive grinding and clenching of the teeth is also a cause.   Most Temporomandibular joint disorder cases are temporary, making them easier to deal with. Many home remedies and [...]


4 Self-Care Practices to Ease TMJ Pain

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders afflict as many as 10 million people in the United States alone. TMJ disorders, or TMD, can bring about severe pain and many issues for those suffering from it. The jaw is an intricate joint, and for many individuals, TMD symptoms can occur without an exact cause or reason. Luckily, there are also quite a number of ways to ease the pain including visiting an Escondido chiropractor who specializes in the blair chiropractic technique.   What Is TMJ? The joint that connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the temporal bone of the skull is called temporomandibular [...]


The Truth About TMJ Disorders

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is one of the most active joints in the body.  This means that any dysfunction to one or more areas of the joint could lead to various disorders. Approximately 10 million Americans or more have TMJ disorder (or TMJD), with women being more prominently affected. The temporomandibular joints are located on each side of the face, connecting the lower part of the jaw to the head.  The muscles connected to and surrounding the jaw make it possible for its many directions of movement. The combined ability to hinge open and close and also to be [...]

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