Headaches and Traumatic Injuries: What You Need To Know

Do you experience throbbing pain in your head that feels like a relentless drumbeat? Are chronic migraines or headaches now a common incident that's become a consistent companion? Do your symptoms disrupt a peaceful night's sleep, leaving you tossing and turning in search of relief? Imagine trying to focus on a task, only to have your concentration stolen by sudden headaches.  Countless people are stuck in a similar predicament. Each week, they grapple with painful migraine symptoms and face major disruptions in their usual routine. It’s also one of the key health complaints of people seeking help from our Upper [...]


When Migraines Become a Daily Source of Discomfort

Are migraines taking over your life? Do you feel like you're in an unending storm of pain and frustration? Do your daily migraine episodes feel like a relentless struggle, leaving you desperate for answers and longing for relief? What happens if you have migraines in Escondido everyday? Are you forever trapped in this exhausting cycle? In this article, we'll explore different ways to help you cope with daily or regular migraine attacks (including scheduling a visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic office in Escondido). Hopefully, after you go through the entire discussion, you can have a better understanding of your [...]


Migraine Episodes: A Problem Affecting 1 Billion People Worldwide

There’s nothing worse than having an intense throbbing sensation in your head, coupled with tunnel vision, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo! Things can also get worse if your migraine episodes start affecting your schedule, work task, and relationships. You might also feel withdrawn when your episodes keep coming back with a vengeance each week.  Now, while it might seem like your situation is bleak, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in this situation. Up to one billion migraineurs share your pain. Hundreds to thousands of individuals seek Escondido migraine relief.   The Horrible Experience That is [...]


Subtle Signs of an Incoming Migraine Attack

Looking for the best source of migraine relief in Escondido? Before you start deep diving into your options, we strongly recommend getting acquainted with migraines, especially the subtle signs they cause. Doing so will help you plan and determine which sources of migraine relief you should consider adding to your routine.   All About Migraine - Facts, Causes, and More You might have heard the word "migraine" before, but you may not know much about it. This condition affects millions of people yearly, so you must take it seriously. If you suffer from migraines, you should know what causes or [...]


Is Coffee Good or Bad for People with Migraines?

Coffee is a popular caffeinated beverage that half of the American population drink each day. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most well-known triggers of migraine attacks among patients who come to see Dr. Rickards - a well-known Escondido chiropractor. As a result, most of these patients wonder if they should abandon their go-to caffeinated drink or regulate consumption instead.   To Drink or Not to Drink Coffee?  Drinking coffee can be a double-edged sword for migraineurs. Studies have long proven that it can come in handy in easing migraine pain because it can stimulate a sense of euphoria and [...]


Migraines in Children: A Parent’s Handbook

You might think that migraines are the same for everyone who has them all over the globe. However, certain factors make migraines a different experience for every person. One of these factors is age. Generally, migraines grow more pronounced and are expected as you age. But, it does not mean that children are off-limits when it comes to migraine attacks. Unfortunately, children as young as toddlers are also vulnerable to migraines. In this article, we’ll talk about what makes migraines in children different from what adults experience. We’ll also discuss why more and more parents have switched to seeking a [...]


Migraine Stages: Prodrome, Aura, Headache & Postdrome

To someone who never experienced a migraine episode before, the throbbing sensation might only seem like a severe type of headache. But, if you’re well familiar with migraine episodes, you know that the pain you feel is nothing close to a regular headache. Typically, migraineurs experience various symptoms aside from throbbing or pulsating pain. Often, patients who seek upper cervical chiropractic care for their migraines complain about symptoms like vomiting, nausea, visual aura, and increased pain sensitivity.  Each patient tends to experience migraine attacks differently. Hence, it’s hard to come up with a specific and detailed description of the condition. [...]


Helping Children Deal With Migraines Effectively

Every chiropractor in Escondido is well-equipped to help children with migraines. Many people are unaware of the fact that children also suffer from migraines, not just adults. Here are some migraine facts concerning children: At least half of all migraineurs experienced their first attack before the age of twelve.  As high as 10% of school-age kids experience migraines.  Kids with migraines are absent from school twice more often than those without migraines. Infant colic is associated with childhood migraines. Migraines are present in young children, as early as 18-month old babies. If a child has one parent with migraines, that [...]


List of Headache Types and The Solution for Them

Part of the everyday life of a chiropractor in Escondido is helping patients with headaches or migraines to feel better.  Headaches can strike at anyone. Nearly all people have experienced a headache at some point in life. Truth be told, it’s impossible to find someone who has never had a headache because the head is one of the most common locations of pain in the whole body.   Describing Headaches We can describe headaches as any of the following: Pounding Throbbing Squeezing Vice-like Unrelenting Constant Intermittent Headaches can cause pain in one area of the skull or face, or the [...]


Migraine Care 101: Learning the Triggers and Getting a Solution

No one wants to have a migraine. This is a debilitating condition that prevents you from doing even the simplest daily task. If you have searched for this topic online, you must be eager to find quick relief. Avoiding your triggers and seeking the help of a chiropractor for migraine near Escondido, CA can surely benefit you, and we will explain more about that in this post. Migraine Symptoms You can tell a day or two ahead of time when a migraine is about to come on if you feel depressed or cranky, restless or nervous, very happy or extremely [...]


A Natural Way to Relieve Your Tension Headaches

A tension-type headache is characterized by pain that is mild to moderate and feels similar to a band tightening around the head. Here is more interesting information regarding tension headaches: The diagnosis of tension headaches is made after a physical examination and a discussion of symptoms. In some cases, the doctor will recommend imaging tests to rule out other conditions. Relaxation and stress management could bring the same amount of relief as pain relievers. Tension headaches may happen a few or many days during the month. Pain in the jaw or neck can be a trigger for tension headaches.   [...]

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