A Lesson in Logic

          If one were to dislocate their finger, it would be necessary to set it back into its normal position.  If the finger is sprained and looked a little crooked, you would still want to set it to its normal alignment.  In both cases after it was set, a splint would be applied.           The reasoning for the above relief care is to make sure the finger heals straight and that the joint can function normally in the future.           It is common practice under medical relief care [...]


A Fresh Start Every Day

As human beings, we have two systems of energy. These systems are an electrical system and a combustion system. Our electrical system is our divine system, the spark of life. This energy is what flows from our brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves connecting to every cell in our body. In fact, if you were to strip away all the cells from your body, and only leave the nerves, you would still be able to recognize yourself. The other energy system of the body is our combustion system. This system has to do with the food we eat. As [...]


If I Can’t Hold an Adjustment Why Get Adjusted at All

Lots of reasons. The brain controls all functions of the body including healing.  So if you have a part of your body that is not healing then there is a disconnect from your brain to that body part.  The most common brain to body part interference is a Vertebral Subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a spinal misalignment causing pressure on the spinal cord or its nerves thereby blocking full nerve flow into the body from the brain.  The result is disease or pain. I get it doc but I don’t hold my adjustment. If you are in a dark room [...]


Meet your Mother: Your Symptoms!

         Most every mother wants to protect, nurture, and heal their children. Did you know that you have a built-in mother? Yes, it is your own symptoms.          Remember mom telling you to look both ways for cars before crossing the street, to eat your vegetables, or assuring that you knew you were loved, and sometimes giving you tough love. In fact, a mother’s love can even heal a young child.          Your symptoms are your internal messages to warn you to watch movements that may hurt you, what foods may [...]


Dr. Ray’s Short Guide to Clean Eating

Consider doing a 3-day cleanse at first. No, no’s Refined carbohydrates Caffeine Coffee Chocolate Tea Most sodas Fried Oils Any oil that turns brown or smokes when cooked Grains Eat Like a Caveman/Cavewoman Meat Veggies (especially ones rich in Vitamin A) Fruit (Including citrus for Vitamin C) Supplements Liver tablets for B vitamins Chew them 3 tablets each morning Green powder for vitamins and minerals 1 tsp/day Wheat germ for vitamin E 1 tsp/day Sunshine for vitamin D 15 minutes to ½ hour/day Food allergy testing


Chiropractic – Not Alternative Care

          To me, the definition of alternative care is some for of relief care that is tried when the established for of care has not worked. An example might be: When the pain medication prescribed by the medical doctor isn’t working, the patient seeks out an herbalist for an alternative herbal remedy.           In chiropractic, we are not relieving the same thing the allopathic medical profession is relieving, that being a “diagnosis.” The presumed diagnosis might be migraine headaches, essential hypertension (aka high blood pressure), fibromyalgia, etc.           [...]


Common Sense and Chiropractic

I have played a lot of basketball in my life.  In fact, I was the captain of my high school basketball team.  I have had many sprain fingers and have even dislocated my fingers.  To be more specific, I have dislocated my fingers over ten times. Each time it dislocated I had to pull it and set it, sometimes on the court.  When I just sprained it, I had to splint it. Both injuries I set the knuckle and splinted it so it would heal straight and be functional. Now what if I were to dislocate or sprain a finger [...]

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