Paranoia is rampant in our country.  Not paranoia of the terrorists but paranoia of sickness, disease, and death.   Between Breast Cancer, West Nile Virus, High Cholesterol, etc, etc, etc, we have become “A nation of hypochondriacs.” (1)  Everywhere we look a new test pops up in the name of prevention.  These tests vary from treadmill tests, mammograms, to colonoscopies.  Are these tests truly for prevention? I say “No”.  These tests show problems when disease has already been entrenched.  A positive finding now allows doctors to treat a disease.  Many times the relief care, via drugs or surgery, is more frightening than the diagnosed disease.

Relax, there is a better way.  To quote Jack LaLanne “I am concerned about life and health not sickness and death.”  Life is all about Nature’s Laws.  Take for example a plant which is wilting or turning yellow. Would you rush off and take your plant to a doctor of botany to have it diagnosed then have the disease treated?  I don’t think so.  More likely one would check the water, the soil, and the sunshine.  Too little or too much of any of the above requirements will create a sick plant.  Balance the laws of nature (water, soil, sunshine) and miraculously  that plant bounces back and heals.

We are no different.  We are just a more complex organism, therefore we have more laws of nature.   Because we are not animals we have lost our instinctive nature to know when and how we have become out of balance.

First, look at the Laws of Nature—

Life Laws 90%
Stress/Mental attitude
Spinal Alignment

Physical Laws 10%
Natural First Aid

Be introspective and truthful and determine which law of nature you are out of balance.  For example, if one is having low back pain and is also obese, spinal alignment may be an answer but not the only answer.  Nutrition and exercise may be the primary laws of nature to balance and then the spinal alignment will sustain.

Once one has determined which law of nature is the culprit, seek the advice of a professional who lines up with that law.

Mental Attitude – Psychologist, Counselor, Priest, Guru, minister etc.
Spinal Alignment – Chiropractor
Sleep/Rest – (See Mental Attitude)
Nutrition – Nutritionist, Dietician, Chiropractor
Exercise – Trainer, Physical Therapist, Physiatrist.
Sanitation – Medical Doctor
Natural First Aid – M.D’s, Nurses.

Let the assigned professional get you back in balance.  Something amazing will ensue.  One will HEAL.  When one heals the symptom or disease will take care of itself.

YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP!!  Don’t let a doctor of any kind bully you.  You know what’s wrong.  Take control!  Hire the professional, including a chiropractor in Escondido, to get you back in balance and then watch yourself heal.

In Good Health,

Dr. Raymond Rickards D.C.

(1) Norman Cousins M.D.


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