Have you ever seen anyone who beams with health and vibrancy? Maybe one in a hundred these days. As your trusted Escondido chiropractor, I challenge you to become a Beacon of Health.

The first step is to commit.  Find what motivates you to live.  Identify your life purpose or passion.  Get the feel of wanting to live forever.  When Jack Lalaine turned 93 he was interviewed on the Today Show.  He said “The problem with people is that they are worried about sickness and death.  I think about life!”  Once one identifies one’s passion for life, health becomes a given.

Attaining health starts from how we think.  Most of us think that health is about feeling good or being pain free.  This attitude is what gets us in trouble.

A heroin addict feels good and is pain free.  Is that person healthy? My healthiest patients are always in pain, my athletes.  They are constantly pulling muscles, ligaments etc., however their heart is strong, their immune system is up and their digestion is good.

Health is not about feeling good.  To attain one’s optimum potential one must divorce the “make me feel good attitude” and instead go for health.

Health is a whole different ballgame. One must embrace the Laws of Nature and Beware the Laws of man.  Every two years the cells of the body will have replaced themselves with new cells.  How we live our lives relative to the Laws of Nature dictate the kind of body we will have in two years.

We have a fresh start every day.  I don’t care how old or sick you are now.  Point yourself toward health and give yourself two years. I guarantee your beacon of health will come out to shine.

So Dr. Rickards, “How do I get healthy?

1.    Feel gratitude for being alive and able to participate in our wonderful universe.

2.    Choose a life passion or purpose.

3.    Embrace the laws of nature.
A)   Maintain a Calm Mind
B)   Proper Spinal Alignments
C)   Sleep and Rest
D)   Nutrition
E)   Exercise

*Remember moderation is the key.

In closing, instant gratification is our biggest obstacle.  Live as if you are going to live forever.  With this attitude one will think twice about the “Just make me feel good attitude and it’s resultant accumulation of symptom and disease over time.”  Start today and become a beacon of health!!!

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