back pain, Escondido chiropractic therapyAdults dealing with back pain is pretty much a common occurrence, and it’s likely due to several reasons that can be addressed with Escondido chiropractic therapy. But what if it’s the children who start complaining about back pain? Are you prepared, and do you know what to do next?

Worried parents or guardians might start thinking about the worst-case scenario, but some will undermine the issue and ignore the situation until it’s probably too late. It helps to know a few things about back pain in children, its causes, and what you can do about it. There is always a lot on your plate as a parent or guardian, and this article may be helpful for you to identify when to worry and when to take it easy when your child suddenly complains about back pain.


Some Possible Causes of Back Pain in Children

Back pain in children could stem from many different causes, and your child’s age is also a significant factor. Below are some of the conditions that might be responsible for the back pain they experience. In addition, Escondido chiropractic therapy can help manage symptoms stemming from possible misalignment in the upper part of the spine.

In older children


This condition is common and usually found in 5% of the general population. The reason is mostly a combination of hereditary and developmental factors. Although the injury can happen during the growth years, some can develop symptoms during childhood and adolescence. When symptoms develop, a child may experience low back pain and pain in the posterior buttock and thighs. When symptoms come from strenuous activities, ask the child to limit physical activities or take some rest.  


This condition sometimes happens due to complications of spondylolysis. A person with spondylolysis (pars fracture) often develops spondylolisthesis (forward slippage of one spine bone on another). But these two conditions may also occur on their own without the other.

Growing children are prone to this condition because their bones are still developing. Sometimes there are no symptoms, but if they arise, a child may complain about pain in the lower back, thighs, buttocks, stiff muscles and tenderness in the lower back, muscle tightness, particularly in the hamstrings. Nerve damage occurs in worse cases, bringing pain that radiates down the legs, gait problems, and weak legs.

Vertebral fractures

Children’s spines are usually more mobile and elastic and have a smaller mass than adults but by no means fracture resistant. So when your child suffers from physical trauma, make sure to rule out fractures, especially in the spine. Spinal fractures in adolescents may lead to severe consequences like spinal deformity, scoliosis, or syringomyelia, a formation of fluid-filled cysts in the spine.

Scheuermann’s disease or disc problems (herniation)

This condition affects the upper back making it look rounded or hunched over. Its cause remains unknown, but it seems to run in families, and usually, it develops while children’s bones are still growing between 10-15 years old. When ignored, it can lead to a rare complication called thoracic disc herniation, which can cause cord compression and neurological deficit.

Overuse and back strain or musculoligamentous injury

Muscular back pain is the leading reason for back pain complaints in children and adolescents. Muscle and ligament strains may result from injuries or poor posture. Unfortunately, imaging tests such as X-rays cannot identify muscle strains, and usually resting the tired muscles is key to recovery.

Physical therapy, chiropractic techniques, stretching, yoga, or massage treatment can help provide total relief also. Escondido chiropractic therapy can help identify possible misalignments too that are causing back pain in children.


Both in younger and older children

Infection (usually under the age of 10)

Back pain in children can also be a telling sign of various infections. These infections include Osteomyelitis, a bone infection more common in the long bones of the body; Pyelonephritis or kidney infection; retroperitoneal infection, usually a secondary infection caused by inflammation, injury, or perforation of organs adjacent to the retroperitoneum, the area in the back of the abdomen; and discitis, a disorder that makes it very painful for children to walk or stand.

Systemic disease such as sickle cell disease

A red blood cell disorder makes the red blood hard and sticky and looks like a C-shaped tool. When they move through small blood vessels to carry oxygen to all body parts, it sometimes gets stuck and blocks blood flow, causing pain, usually in the lower back, arms, legs, chest, and belly.

Congenital disorders of the spine such as scoliosis

Pediatric and adolescent scoliosis occurs when your child’s spine curves sideways or even rotates. The curving of the spine may be causing stress and putting excess pressure on the spinal discs, nerves, muscles, ligaments, or facet joints. Escondido chiropractic therapy can help prevent further damage to children diagnosed with scoliosis.

Tumors of the spinal cord (like ependymoma)

When these tumors grow in the spinal cord, they gradually start and worsen over time. Rest will not provide pain relief, and it may even feel more intense at night. Your child may feel a sharp or shock-like pain in the back and may also move towards the legs, chest, or elsewhere in the body.

Bone tumors

The most common tumors in children are Ewing’s sarcoma osteoblastoma, osteoid osteoma, primary lymphoma, and aneurysmal bone cyst. These tumors may cause weakness and back pain near the growth area. Nerve compression may also occur.


How Escondido Chiropractic Therapy Helps

Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness uses a unique chiropractic technique that focuses on realigning the upper cervical spine’s top bones that have misaligned. You’re probably asking how this misalignment can happen in children? Any physical trauma on the head or neck can cause a misalignment in these bones. 

Once a misalignment happens, the back nerves may experience compression or a pinched nerve, irritating the muscle causing back pain. By addressing the misalignment in the neck, your child’s neck and over spine will return to their healthy conditions.

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