back pain chiropractor in EscondidoBack pain is common in adults; in fact, there are nearly 16 million American adults who experience persistent or chronic back pain. As a result, there’s also a rise in visitors seeking help from a back pain chiropractor in Escondido. Some back pain concerns resolve on their own after a few days. However, some cases will require more attention.

Suppose your back pain is still very much apparent for some time now despite getting some rest, doing home remedies, or taking medication; it might be a cause for concern for you. You must stay calm and collected and not immediately assume or jump to worse conclusions. A balance of calm and self-awareness can help you identify if your back pain is something that needs urgent medical attention. If you suspect an injury or trauma from many years back is linked to your back pain, you can always confirm this with your trusted back pain chiropractor in Escondido.

Since back pain problem is so prevalent, ignoring it and not correctly addressing its accompanying symptoms can happen in adults, especially those living a fast-paced, busy lifestyle. However, some symptoms could be a sign of a medical emergency, so it’s crucial to recognize your symptoms’ severity. This will help you identify and track how long the pain lasts.

Some common causes of back pain include lifting or wrongfully twisting your back, sleeping, or sitting in an awkward position; even stress can be connected to your back pain. If your back pain and discomfort get resolved after three days of rest and a simple remedy, it’s not a cause for worry. However, if your back pain constantly reappears or does not go away, there can be an underlying condition that needs attention.


5 Symptoms Linked to Back Pain That Needs Urgent Care

Not all back pain is the same. Some may be superficial or caused by muscle strain, while others might be linked to a health condition requiring immediate medical attention.

#1. Incontinence

When you experience an inability to control your bladder or bowel movement, you may have a serious case of spine infection or nerve compression. Sometimes discitis or meningitis are accompanied by incontinence too. So make sure you mention your episodes of back pains too when you visit a doctor.

#2. Numbness or tingling sensation in the groin or glutes

Have you heard about saddle anesthesia? This condition triggers a sensation in the “saddle region,” including your groin, buttocks, genitals, and the upper inner thighs. It can also trigger neurological symptoms in the lower body, such as weakness, numbness, tingling in the legs, and lower body weakness or numbness that makes it difficult to walk or stand.

These symptoms are critical signs of nerve or spine conditions. Saddle anesthesia usually stems from tumors, lumbar spinal stenosis, ruptured lumbar disc, arachnoiditis, and a spinal fracture.

#3. Radiating pain

Pay attention to pain that radiates or moves you feel in your glutes or legs. This type of pain is usually linked to a nerve compression condition. However, radiating pain can also be a symptom of nerve damage resulting in pain that spreads from the primary pain source to a larger area of the body, sometimes the back. Health issues triggering radiating pain typically involve a nerve, such as a herniated or bulging disc.

#4. Unexpected and sudden weakness in the legs

Nerve compression in the spine sometimes brings weakness to the limbs. This is related to conditions such as sciatica or spinal stenosis. However, not all sudden weakness felt in the legs is due to nerve compression. Sometimes it is a telling sign of a stroke. If you experience this alarming symptom, we encourage you to visit your healthcare provider immediately.

#5. Sharp pain rather than just a dull ache

If you’re suddenly caught up with sharp pain, it can indicate a torn ligament or muscle or an issue with an internal organ located in the back or side of the body.

A combination of incontinence, leg weakness, and numbness may point to cauda equina syndrome. This critical illness stems from spinal cord nerve damage and warrants emergency care. It is common for cauda equina syndrome patients to need surgery immediately to help decompress the nerves and reduce or prevent permanent damage. In addition, being mindful of your pain and symptoms can help you avoid back pain emergencies, so make sure you don’t ignore them.


Getting Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Helps Alleviate Back Pain

If you continue to experience back pain, yet there are no signs of worrying symptoms, you might want to have your spine checked by a back pain chiropractor in Escondido. Spine health is an integral part of your overall health. Your back pain may stem from an upper cervical misalignment wherein the top two spinal bones – your C1 and C2 vertebrae – have shifted out of their original position. When this happens, excessive pressure put on the brainstem triggers many symptoms, including back pain.

You can correct bone misalignment through upper cervical chiropractic care, which can help manage and eliminate the pain and discomfort in your back. Licensed Chiropractic doctors use a safe and gentle technique to help the neck bones realign properly. 


Visit a reputable back pain chiropractor in Escondido

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