For those of you who feel your health is not optimum or going down the tubes, perk up and listen. To gain control of one’s health one must adopt a whole different attitude toward disease and sickness. Too many of us feel that symptoms are a part of life. You feel it is normal to have headaches, joint pains, constipation, indigestion, menstrual cramps, allergies, etc… Unfortunately we get locked into the sickness look of life by the media, drug advertisements and what doctors often tell patients.

Just the other day I head a drug commercial say “For your everyday normal headache take ‘so and so’ medication”. Can you see how this statement instills in our subconscious mind that not only is it normal to have them everyday. Listen someday to your typical drug commercial. Their attitude is to visualize symptoms as a simple sign of stress or just part of life. Another way we get trapped into this poor health attitude is by a former doctor saying to a patient, “We cant’ find anything wrong”, “You’ll just have to live with it” or better yet, “You are just getting older.”

The bottom line of this attitude of most Americans is to ignore symptoms unless it stops them from doing their jobs or recreation and then we take a medication to douse the symptom out.

Let me use a simple analogy. Let’s say your car is making a rattle. Does it make sense to put ear-plugs in your ears or to have the car fixed so the cause of the rattle is fixed. Eventually if the rattle is ignored and not fixed something more serious would go wrong and the whole engine may need to be replaced.

Symptoms are like the rattle, ignore the symptom and later in life some life-threatening disease may occur. In the world, the United States ranks no. 33 in life expectancy. Countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, and Spain are ahead of us despite us spending much more money on health than any other country in the world. The diseases afflicting American are not infectious diseases, but more degenerative diseases. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, emphysema, diabetes, ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver, osteoarthritis, etc… Degenerative diseases are a result of ignoring symptoms and not seeking a correct cause, just like the person who ignored the rattle in his car. One might now be asking what is the solution or the better attitude we should attain.

Let us say that you had a cut on your hand. You go to the doctor and he may put butterfly bandages, apply antiseptic dressing, and give you a tetanus shot. Two weeks later the cut is healed. Was it the dressing? The butterfly bandage? Or the tetanus shot that healed you?

Let’s be silly. Go to the butcher shop and slice a piece of meat. Apply antiseptic dressing, put the butterfly bandage and give it a tetanus shot. Check two weeks later and you will find a piece of meat that is rotten and very ugly looking.
My point is that what healed that cut on your hand are the powers within the body itself. Any doctor will readily admit that the greatest healing power on earth is your own body’s ability to heal itself.

All the tissues and systems of the body coordinate themselves to heal and repair almost any disease or injury we come up against.

The superior attitude I would like everyone to attain is one that says, “Get your body as healthy as it can be and let is heal and take care of its own disease, or related symptoms.”
The key is to be able to reach your maximum health potential so that your body may act as it is meant to, that is to heal itself and stay healthy.

There are definitely different measures one should take to reach this elusive goal of optimum health. My 36 years of experience in natural healing has led me to believe there are seven natural laws we need to take inventory on: those are 1) Mental attitude 2) Proper exercise 3) Proper structure and nerve function (chiropractic) 4) Proper nutrition 5) Proper Digestion and Elimination 6) Sufficient rest 7) Sanitation.

Create balance in the above natural laws and you’ll be surprised to find how well your life spark and body can heal itself.


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